Make the Decision

In selling, closing and in life, when some one tells you they are not ready to make a decision right now, know that that is a decision.

They are deciding to continue with the way it is. This is counterintuitive to the very reason you’re at this critical exchange with them. At this point the question should be “Are you going to continue you with the status quo, or move forward?”

All decisions have a cost associated with them. Your understanding of this cost will prove vital in decisions you make yourself or in helping someone else with theirs. The most powerful way to shape our lives comes from our ability to make decisions and take action. If we want to direct our lives we need to consciously make decisions that will ensure we take the best actions. The decisions you make today will shape your future.

We constantly hear about people that have exploded beyond their self-imposed limitations or the scope of their job descriptions despite personal danger that could be inflicted upon them. Make a decision today about how you are going to live for the years to come. Do this and commit to certain courses of action that will get you to that future. That will make your decisions tangible and powerful. Then take it a step further and decide what results you are committed to and live your life at the highest level possible.

Think of the greats that will stand the tests of time, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison or Walt Disney. They continue to live fresh in the minds of generations because they made the decision to hold themselves to a higher standard and took courageous action that transcended the limitations commonly agreed to in their industries.

What is the difference in someone great’s life? They made the decision and then took the action necessary to create a new reality.

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