Create Your Own Economy

Let me tell you something about the economy, I do not care what President Obama, Mitt Romney or Ben Bernanke over at the Federal Reserve has to say or promise you – the economy will not get better. This economy is only going to get better for the strong, the diligent, the persistent and for people that have their GAME ON.

The vast majority of Americans get fixated on national or global economic doom and gloom and hold back from making decisions in their personal and professional lives based on this type economic mumbo jumbo. Why would you grant that kind of power to some volatile, fickle force that is beyond your control?

Quit opening up the newspaper or turning on CNBC expecting to hear good news. The only people that are going to hear good news are the people that make their own good news. You have to be stronger and tougher than you’ve ever been now because you are going to be on a wet, muddy, boggy field for years to come. Do you know who benefits from tough conditions like these? Who will become millionaires? The people that are able to focus their energy and attention on their own personal economies. These people are industrious, dedicated and are able to take total control over their immediate environment.

When you create a thriving economy in your personal sphere of influence, your results will radiate outwards and you will find yourself having a greater effect on the larger economy that includes your family, colleagues and the society at-large.

This is why business getting transacted is the critical exchange point and the only way to create your thriving economy. I established in Sell Or Be Sold that if you work, you’re on commission. Do everything you can to help yourself, your colleagues and your company thrive and you will prosper. Take full responsibility for creating your own economy and not becoming the effect of the financial environment created for you by the government or others.

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