Looking for the Easy Way?

Top 50 Traits of Great Salespeople #45: Great salespeople don’t seek the easy way, instead, they pursue golden opportunities outside of their comfort zone.

Are you happy right now? Take a moment and think about it.

If you’re reading this blog, more than likely you are looking to do better. Even if you are doing well for yourself, there is always room for improvement and my goal in life is to help others reach their true potential. I preach the 10X approach to doing anything because I know it works. I’ve tried it and stick with it at all times to get where I want to go regardless of how much of a challenge it is.

“The easy way” doesn’t exist for people going after success. Great salespeople never seek the easy way out. They go well beyond their comfort zone because true potential is not a given, but is the product of hard work, in conjunction, with a phenomenal attitude.

Greatness is achieved by going where you are scared to go. Go after things that seem like a far stretch. Talk to customers that intimidate you. When I first began my sales career, I was scared to talk to this particular customer who kept coming in until finally, one day, I had no choice but to converse with him. I mustered up everything I had, left behind my trepidation, and guess what? It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I had expected it would be. That customer was difficult, but I still went after him. Today, he is one of my best clients.

Think about one thing that you are truly terrified to do with your business. Now, think about the absolute worst case scenario that can happen. Then, go and do it anyway. I guarantee you that the fear in your mind is far worse than what can actually happen. Don’t let your mindset discourage you and take you away from your truest potential as a salesperson.

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