Increase Sales by Embracing Technology

I was talking to a friend of mine about a possible business opportunity.I told him to send me the details over Facebook. To my utter shock, he told me that he doesn’t use Facebook.

This is someone who I have always considered to be a smart business and salesman. I have always valued his opinion, but the fact that he did not have a Facebook account was just unbelievable to me. I asked him why he never got on Facebook. He told me that he’s just not comfortable with new technology.

I then thought about how much Facebook alone has helped my business. My Facebook page has allowed me to connect with so many people that I never would of had the chance to talk to. Facebook also provides a platform for me to help people.

Then I remembered my initial reluctance to join Facebook. It took the urging of my staff for me to finally get on there, but once I did I realized just how valuable a tool this was.

How many people are missing opportunities because they are

A) Afraid of technology
B) Unwilling to change

Change is inevitable and technology will always be at the forefront of that change. It happened when smartphones came, it happened when the internet came, it happened when television came. The people that survived and thrived during those times of change were the people who embraced the new technology.

If you don’t understand something, then don’t let that stop you. You can either ask someone (the initial moment of embarrassment will pay tenfold) or you can use technology itself and just Google it.

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