Choose to Sell or Be Sold

I love the title of this book. Even if I hadn’t come up with the title, I would still love it. Because this is so fundamentally true today. In any interaction you have with another person, you are either selling or you are being sold.

What do I mean by that? I mean that either they come to your point of view, or that you come to theirs. This happens every time you interact with someone. When you talk to a co-worker and their complaining about the job, you either start complaining with them (you’re being sold), or you convince them that things aren’t bad (you’re selling them).

The last couple years of the recession has been a perfect example of this. You are constantly being told that there’s no money, that you shouldn’t spend because there’s a recession. But the reason we’re in a recession is because people aren’t spending.

We were sold that there’s a recession and that we shouldn’t spend, which only makes the recession become worse.

I am sold that this recession is something I can work through. I can find a way to take advantage of this and grow my business. Which is exactly what I’ve done. I’ve sold others that this recession is a time to prosper and because of that I’ve opened up amazing opportunities that wouldn’t be available to me if I had allowed others to sell me.

What are you selling? What are others trying to sell to you? Are you selling or are you being sold?

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