How to Save the American Dream

Look, after the economic downturn many Americans realized that the average way they had been living and working is no longer sustainable. They realized that even though this average level of activity built the middle class in the past, it is now a failing formula. The middle class, the “American Dream,” is the most suppressed class of people on this planet, and your goal must be to get above it, not into it! Look around and you will see a world filled with average products, average service, and average people. Jobs are being shipped overseas more now than ever, unemployment—I mean the “real” unemployment rate—is almost 23.1%, nearly 6.3 million American homeowners are underwater on their loans, and life expectancy well exceeds people’s savings plans. The marketplace is unforgiving. Average companies are wiped out by those that bring extraordinary products, employees, service and thinking to the market. The influence, acceptance and preservation of the ‘average mentality’ in our society is killing the American Dream. Consider this: the average worker (middle class) reads less than one book a year, works an average of 37.5 hours per week, makes less than $60k per year, and has an average of $16k in credit card debt. The average worker makes 319x LESS income than the top CEOs—and these CEOs claim to read over 60 books a year! The bottom 50% of all earners in the U.S. combined make less income than the top 1%. You can hate the top earners if you like, but it doesn’t change the fact that taking average levels of action in anything just doesn’t work! 10X Everything Webcast How to Save the American Dream: 1. Have an extraordinary level of action in your personal and business life The ‘average formula’ is too abundant to have any value and without real value your product will not get into the marketplace. Any thinking, goal, activity, or undertaking that includes any concept of average will fail you! 2. Take so much action you cannot be wiped out by better ideas or lower prices If you only take average or “normal” levels of action you will fail to take into account the effects of various forces, resistance, market changes, competition, normal inflation, financial crises, wars and unexpected occurrences that will destroy your business, your life and your dreams. When average meets any resistance you will see it quickly drag those using it into pain and failure. 3. Take a pledge, commit to, and live a 10X life The middle class is built on average thinking that appears to work, but in reality it only works when things are going well. As soon as things don’t go well these average levels of action only guarantee misery, uncertainty, struggle, and failure. You must be proactive and take an objective look at how the average person in our country puts themselves at risk in their business and personal lives. You must map out the different areas of your life such as income, wealth, health, spiritual, familial, recreational, and professional—then you have to figure out how to take massive action in those areas. Invest in yourself. It’s the best investment you’ll ever make. Take the 10X Coaching Exercise today and Save the American Dream. Be great, GC

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