Increase Sales Skills and Reduce Expenses

Look, every day the economy gets faster and more brutal. Organizations, businesses and entrepreneurs need every edge they can get and sales revenue is the core of growing their business. And never before has being in executive management been more delicate—working out how to improve the sales skills of your people while keeping the expenses down. Studies prove that sales training correlates directly to increased revenue, but budgets are in place and every penny spent without a return on investment becomes destructive to the future of the company. Businesses are cutting back on travel and related training budgets while also looking for ways to train, educate, and motivate without the expenses. In addition, high travel cost and traditional training takes salespeople away from vital sales opportunities. But on-demand interactive training technology is catching on fire because it solves both problems. cu_screenshot_1 When I first heard about the idea of training people virtually I immediately realized the benefits over traditional training. We started surveying thousands of clients to determine exactly what sales organizations wanted and needed to dominate their industry with massive sales without massive expenses. Something we didn’t expect was that sales training was not the first thing client organizations wanted. What the sales organizations want is:

  1. Solutions
  2. Training
  3. Convenience
  4. Relevant content

We then found companies that could help us build what our clients wanted. And even though these were the results of our surveys more than 10 years ago, they are just as relevant today. We teamed up with Light Speed VT and ended up with a tool that organizations don’t just use to train—they build, motivate, solve problems, provide solutions and dominate sales challenges. The response from companies of all sizes has been incredible. As of writing this article there have been over 15.8-million sign-ins to Cardone University. cu_screenshot_2 We work with clients such as the U.S. Army, Allstate, Aflac, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, BMW, Ford, Chrysler, Gold’s Gym, Harley Davidson, Lexus and Microsoft. We also work with contracting companies, real estate companies, furniture retailers, multi-level marketing companies, roofing companies and more—anyone from a single entrepreneur trying to dominate their market to a Fortune 500 company that wants to reach it’s true potential. What makes this on-demand training so successful for companies is that there are no DVDs to lose, no discs to scratch, no manuals to read, no travel expenses, and your people don’t have to leave their families behind or miss valuable sales opportunities. From anywhere in the world at any time of day you just have to go to a website, enter a username and password, and with the click of a button you are delivered video, in 3-5 minute segments, with immediate questions to ensure you understand the content before you’re able to move on. It is said that 90% of all content is lost in the first moments after consuming them, which is why this concise, actionable and repeatable style of training is so successful. Immediate testing following a short video allows your salespeople to know the information and make it their own. The real world won’t allow you to go back and look up answers. A customer isn’t going to wait for you to look up how to handle the close or the argument they are giving. In the real world you will be punished for not knowing the right answer at the right time. The mother of all learning is repetition. You need to swim in training, swim in the Kool-Aid, don’t drink it—immerse yourself. The greats become great because they go all-in and do full immersion! And it’s not enough for your salespeople to get inspired—they must stay inspired. That’s why Cardone University, available 24/7/365, with real world data will have an immediate and massive impact on your ability to unleash the greatness inside of you, your salespeople and your business, idea, and product. On-demand virtual sales training provides businesses with a more efficient and effective way to train, educate, motivate and assist salespeople and comes at a significantly lower cost than traditional training. Call my office today at 310.777.0255 and speak with one of my sales reps today. Be great, nothing else pays much, GC

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