How to Get Everything You Want in 2013

I want to help you achieve your GOALS this year – YOU of all people deserve to get what you WANT. It has come to my attention that a lot of people have trouble with the topic of goal setting – how to set goals, how to understand if they are realistic, how to persist on goals and then make them a reality.

So I created a video for you on how I set goals, clarify what it is I want, how I ensure I get them and then how I use the goals to cause me to passionately persist toward them throughout the year. Give your goals attention, give them a lot of attention, persistent attention and then clarify what it is you want.

Here are the steps (I will go into them in detail in the attached video):

  1. Write down what you want, not just goal setting – What do you WANT?
  2. Clarify what you want over a period of days.
  3. Continue to clarify this over a period of days until your goals start to expand and arrange themselves in proper order and you are excited about the possibilities.
  4. Get the entire family involved and then share these with the company, team, and those back at the office that can affect the outcome.

Nowhere in this setting of GOALS or WANTS do I get caught up in the mechanics of “How To” achieve the list. This will happen only after you clarify the goals. The goal setter is no longer concerned with the reality of achieving the goals and is only excited about the possibility of them. When you do this right you will no longer be concerned with how hard your goals are or even whether they are realistic or attainable – that will not matter. YOU and YOUR people will be so excited about this you will now have the motivation to get the skills to achieve your goals.

You can learn more about how to ensure your team has the skills to achieve those things you want to accomplish in 2013 by calling our office toll free at (800) 368-5771 and getting a demonstration of our Lead Conversion tool that will show you how to produce the revenue you need to make your WANTS a REALITY.

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