How You Can Survive Despite Negativity

Be deaf when someone says you can’t. Look there is a benefit to this. Great people, highly motivated, successful champions are able to actually have what’s called selective hearing. They can actually cut communication off when it’s negative. When someone says you can’t do it, it can’t be done, it’s not possible, it will never happen; those people just go completely deaf while the rest of the world just starts buying in and being influenced.
Be deaf when someone says you can’t. I wrote this:

“Be DEAF when someone says you cannot do it! Be DEAF when someone says it is impossible! Be DEAF when anyone tries to impose limits on you! For these people that make efforts to limit you and suggest that you cannot fulfill your dreams are dangerous people.”

These aren’t nice people. These are dangerous people. The fact that they are not intentionally trying to hurt you, stop you or prevent you from getting what you want is even worse! They’re not intentionally trying to do it they are unconsciously walking around society dropping negative pieces of content into everybody’s environment saying you can’t do it, it can’t happen.

Look, this could be happening at a family level. It could be happening with employees or at the company. That’s why I am telling you, put the policy in – NO NEGATIVITY ALLOWED HERE. And also know, I’ve got to be deaf when people are negative because we live in a negative environment. The media is negative. People become negative. The newspapers are negative. The internet is negative. And the next thing you know, it’s everywhere; it’s contagious.

So be deaf when the negativity comes because it’s going to come.

Be deaf when someone says you can’t.

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