How Honest Are You With Yourself?


Before you can truly be honest with others, you must be totally honest with yourself. It all starts with you. Sure you can claim to be honest with others but unless you are honest with yourself first, you can’t be honest with the rest of the world. This applies to both business and life. People hold themselves back when they allow fear to get in the way of honesty. I did this for a long time and it was not a productive way to live. This has to be handled for any success to follow in life. It’s hard but possible. I’m proof of this. I’m a self made guy who dealt with loss at a young age. Anger, denial, blame, tripped me up. However, my desire not to live a life based on scarcity and fear is what drove me to make some serious decisions. It really was one of those fork in the road moments in my life. I had to get honest.


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