Grant Cardone’s Net Worth Revealed

The riveting interview everybody’s been waiting for…

Recently, Jarrod Glandt sat down with me in the studio and asked me questions on a variety of hot topics, including my net worth, haters on the internet, and more!

Jarrod: Why do you think you’re getting hated on so much right now?

I think there are different reasons—and I think I provoked some of it.

I mean, to be completely honest…I can be a little antagonistic, and I think I’ve punched people’s buttons.

I remember being in high school and I got punched on all the time, so this is not a new thing for me, being hated on.

In high school the whole football team hated me. I had a big mouth and I still have a big mouth today.

I literally do not have the filter to NOT say something about certain things when I probably shouldn’t say anything.

Jarrod: Do you think that that’s helped you or hurt you in life?

I think it’s helped me AND hurt me.

I think it’s helped me forge who I am and get some of my ideas known because I’ll stay with them long enough to convert people’s thinking.

But the other thing is it’s hurting me, right? Because it creates an adversarial role with a lot of people.

I don’t know what I stir up in these people…maybe it’s my work ethic though, people wonder how I show up every single day.

What is driving me to outproduce guys that are on a similar level and have the same capability and possibilities?

I think some of those guys are like, why am I not revved up like he is?

Jarrod: You’re in a position where you have more money than could ever be spent. Like somebody is going to have to try hard to destroy what you’ve created. Why do you still show up and why do you still work so hard?

This is what I’m supposed to do, this is what I’m built to do. This is my purpose.

I’m not happy with just making money or having cars.

You don’t see me collecting stuff.

Work has always been the thing.

I like to work, whether it’s a conference or a trip, I want to work.

It could be something broken…Lewis Howes would probably say there’s some brokenness inside of me, you know?

But I feel best when I’m contributing.

When I was 26 years old, I was working car deals.

I was working from eight o’clock in the morning till 12:30 at night, literally every day of the week.

It’s like a playground for me.

I think about Jeff Bezos and I’m like, what is he going through every day?

Their playground is so immense and their resources so phenomenal that they can be like, “Throw $10 million at that project, throw $40 million at this one…”

The weight of the moves that they’re making, like world changers.

Jarrod: What do you think that you’re misunderstood by? What do you wish that people knew about you as a business owner?

I am never ever some other person—I’m the same everywhere I go whether it’s a $140 million real estate deal or I’m selling a $20 hat.

I literally never changed whether I’m talking to 5,000 people or one person.

I’ve been in situations where I feel like I have to be a different person, in previous jobs where I felt a disconnect between who I was at home, who I was at work, and who I was with my friends.

Sometimes you can’t be yourself yet because you haven’t figured out who YOU are.

There was a time when I didn’t have enough confidence to just be me in high school.

I could not just be me.

So, what I did was I started smoking weed with the other guys to fit in and then I became somebody not like me.

The only time something bad happens to me is when I become someone else.


Jarrod: How do you get super comfortable, how do you get super confident?

You’ve got to find out who you are.

And when you push through and do something that is hard or something that you didn’t want to do—but you do it anyway—it gives you confidence.

I didn’t like sales—but I learned sales anyways.

I didn’t like finances, but I learned it anyways.

If there was only one thing that I got out of the college, it was that I finished it—I finished it despite not wanting to be there.

 Jarrod: Does money give you confidence?

Well, money’s insurance, right?

Money’s like an insurance for me—it’s my massive condom.

And it’s also my validation.

You can’t fake a jet.

I got this one account, Citi national money market, my legal account with the $170,998 in it.

Now, why do I have a legal account? You know, because every month I fund the legal account for some that want to come to attack me.

So, I just build that up so I’ve got reserves.

Money is the manifestation of how each department’s run.

So, that’s one of the reasons I look at my accounts because it’s proof my business is working.

Grant Cardone’s Net Worth

Jarrod: What’s the biggest number on there?

$142 million

Jarrod: I’ve seen online, “Hey what is Grant Cardone’s net worth?” thing. Is that’s something that you track?

Anybody that’s got their net worth on a statement has a fragile ego.

If you’re tracking your net worth on a day to day basis and not cash, you are highly confused.

On my net worth statement, I don’t have my jet.

I don’t have the value of the businesses on there or the value of my accounts receivables.

The real estate is worth $1.4 billion—if I didn’t get a premium for it, if I put the whole package together as one package, it’s probably worth another $300 million easily.

Jarrod: At what point did getting where you’re at today become real for you? At what point were you like, “Hey, I might be able to hit $100 million, I might be able to hit a billion.”

I remember when Elena was like, “Hey, when can we talk about buying a plane?”

I said, “I gotta have a $100 million liquid to consider doing that.”

If I can’t buy it twice, I don’t buy it—and that’s what I teach people…and I do what I tell people.

I tell people what’s true for me.

“Don’t start with a small deal”…and when I say stuff like that people come back with replies like, “Grant Cardone treats everybody like they’re all rich.”

Yeah, but still, don’t start with a small deal, I did one small deal and it didn’t work for me.

I went to 32 units and made $5 million.

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So why would I tell people “start with a small deal” when a small deal screwed me and 32 units made me a bunch of money?

When did I think $100 million would be a reality? Probably sometime between 2006 and 2009.

Jarrod: What was your net worth in 2010?

My two businesses were terrible during the recession that began in 2008.

My sales training company was worth nothing.

Our accounts receivables got crushed, like cut in half.

I had five or six employees.

There was no energy in the organization.

  • I didn’t have a name.
  • I didn’t have 14 million people following me.
  • I went through a lawsuit and only had $7 million left.
  • I didn’t have the jet, didn’t have $1.4 billion of the real estate.
  • I didn’t have one webinar.
  • I didn’t have any e-commerce.

This year, we’ll do $40 million out of e-commerce.

Jarrod: How long until you hit a billion?

Well, it depends on how you figure it,  I could probably estimate myself close to there right now if I just inflate everything—if I count all the furniture.

I don’t know.

I can’t spend it, I just want to produce.

If you gave me $2 billion right now, I’d be at work tomorrow.

I’m going to be successful if you give me 10 times as much or take 10 times as much away.

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