Grant Cardone is Coming to Dubai

If anyone has 10X figured out, it’s Dubai” – serial entrepreneur and author Grant Cardone

Looking for some inspiration and motivation? New York Times bestselling author and top sales trainer Grant Cardone may have your answer, and he’s coming to Dubai

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Cardone is a 61-year-old motivational speaker, business coach, author and super-salesman who works with Fortune 500 companies and small businesses to help them maximize sales and will be in Dubai this November to speak at an event aimed at those seeking to add value to their businesses, be they start-ups or serial entrepreneurs.

“I have always been interested in Dubai and this region. In America, we get extremely limited and tainted facts about the Middle East. The more controversy I hear, the more interested I become,” Grant Cardone tells CEO Middle East.

Cardone’s straight-shooting approach and empowering, motivational approach has earned him fans around the world, but it’s just one part of the serial entrepreneur who is himself a highly accomplished businessman.

10x life

Solving business problems

Cardone, who visited Dubai earlier in the year to discover it for himself and meet with potential business partners, is the author of the best-selling book The 10X Rule, a strategy guide for success that mandates giving ten times more energy, time, effort and money to achieve goals.

Every book I’ve written apart from one has been written to solve a business problem that I’ve faced, and I like sharing that. If I could take my business from doing $6m to $160m, it’d be selfish of me not to share how I did that,” he says with a smile.

The 10X Rule took my company from $6m to $160m without us changing anything apart from the way we hired people and the way we educated them and the way we thought about our business. I wrote why my business was stuck, an audit on my company. I’m a hard worker, a good person, why was my business not growing? I tried to figure out what I was thinking and doing that was preventing me from growing. I was studying people instead of companies; one of the reasons I wanted to come to Dubai is to go outside my region to get data, learn more, and to learn from the region. I want to share what I am doing that works, and I know I will get something out of it too.”

The book’s philosophy has grown into a movement called the 10X Movement and an annual conference that takes place in the United States.

Cardone also travels the world speaking at events such as the National Achievers Congress and Wealth Summits.

The commitment here to business is impressive and if anyone has 10X figured out, it’s Dubai. Dubai is a perfect example of doing something in a big way. And the excuses here are almost identical to those around the world! I’ve heard the same things from large corporations and entrepreneurs that they don’t have enough time, balance, that there is too much supply in the market… I’ll hear the same things when I go to the UK, Australia. They are not global issues; they are global excuses. The winners in any space who are committed to winning will figure out how to use problems to their advantage.”

Dubai event

This November 22, the National Achievers Congress in Dubai features investor and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk who joins Cardone and as yet unconfirmed other speakers for the seminar that promises to deliver leading-edge strategies from global powerhouse entrepreneurs. It will be the first time that Cardone speaks in the region.

I am very interested in this region because it feels like business to me, Entrepreneurs, possibility, opportunity… and I follow up about the instincts that I have about a space or region. I’ve already met with some real estate people as people here know me through my social media and crowdfunding that’s raised $200m in the last six months.”

A serial real estate entrepreneur, Cardone has also authored a bestselling book on investing in property and runs 14 highly successful companies with revenues around $100m in addition to his work as a coach and speaker. He has worked with companies including Google, GM, Ford, Sprint and Toyota, and created several online teaching resources including the Cardone University, an online sales training tool that boasts 50 million users.

He is a regular commentator and guest on news channels and has contributed articles to titles including Forbes. A philanthropist who believes strongly in giving back, he has created the Cardone Foundation that provides mentoring and financial literacy to at-risk individuals.

At his Dubai event in November, Cardone will be covering a range of business topics including sales, marketing, the effects of social media and how to monetise through digital platforms.

I will talk about how to increase sales, close deals, negotiate, follow up,” he tells CEO Middle East. “I learn from people doing things. The things that make me frustrated are big companies that become complacent, talented people that become complacent. It reminds me of when I had become complacent because we start to cause problems for one another when we become disinterested and stop reaching for our full potential.”

Grant Cardone is in Dubai on November 22 for the National Achievers Congress. For more information go HERE.

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