Go “All In”

Go all in consistently and commit fully! If you know anything about me at all, you’ll know that one of my mottos is “Commit first, figure it out later.”

Commitment is something that, unfortunately, is hard to come by these days. We’ve been conditioned by our education system and society away from an all-in mentality because we are taught to play it safe and not put everything at risk. The Middle Class is encouraged to conserve and protect themselves rather than risk going all in for the big payoff. Too many people and companies fail to commit fully to their daily activities, duties, obligations, and responsibilities. Why is that? This mind-set is yet again based on the myth that your energy, creativity and efforts are materials things with limited quantities that cannot be replaced. It is vital that you completely rework your attitude about taking action and that you understand there is no limit to how many times you can continue to take action.

Remember, as they say at Alcoholics Anonymous, “Half measures availed us nothing.” See the things you start all the way through to the finish line. If you seek success and abundance in all areas of your life, you will not find it by just testing the waters. Be willing to jump into the deep, dark end and know that if you fail you can pick yourself up and keep going all in with your energy, actions, persistence and creativity.

Devoting yourself to something completely means there’s no backing out. I’d rather over commit and fail than to hedge my bets and fail because I will get more out of the experience and be a richer person for having contributed that much more.

Now ask yourself, where and how can you fully commit in your life today?

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