Use Fear Everyday

I love being scared because fear is an indicator of what I need to do now.

Once when I was speaking to a group at Google, I was complimented at the end of my talk about how confident and self-assured I am as a presenter. I questioned that audience member as to how he knew what I was feeling inside because the truth is I feel fear when I am up on stage. In fact, one of the most important things to know is that everybody has fear and insecurity. I have it all the time. It is common. Feeling fear does not mean you are bad or weak and you DON’T need medication for it!

Here are some tips I use to take on my fear and win in life. The first thing I do is to jam-pack my calendar with meetings, calls, events, and other activities. I consider white space on my calendar as evil as the devil. Staying busy allows me to starve fear, and doesn’t give fear the time to creep up on me. This is where taking massive action is key. Start 10Xing everything. Write down your dreams and what you think you need to do to make them a reality. Now multiply those actions by 10 because that is what it’s probably going to take for you to achieve your goals fast. If other guys are doing 20 things to achieve a goal, then you do 200 – bing bing bing! You will be the last man standing and there will be no one left to fear!

Secondly, I use my fear as an indicator. I tackle the things that scare me the most first. Use fear like a trampoline, jump into it and get a big bounce out of it. Lastly, I get beyond my comfort zone. People do all kinds of things they know they shouldn’t – like lounge on the Lazy-Boy, eat sweets or even do drugs because they want to feel good. Successful people don’t want to feel good. They want to feel great and I know that doing the things that scare me will result in greatness, luxury and success!

On this Halloween, ask yourself what scares you and tell me what are you going to do about it in the comments below.

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