There are an estimated 1.7 billion social media users worldwide. Businesses of all shapes and sizes have bought into it and you should too. Your business and revenue depends on your ability to reach as many people as possible. Social media has helped me expand my business but it takes effort. Most people wonder how best to use it to gain “followers,” “subscribers” and “likes.” Well, like anything else, you have to apply The 10X Rule to social media to get attention for your product and service. Here’s how.

First let’s get clear on the purpose of social media.

  1. When used consistently and frequently, it helps you become top-of-mind with customers.
  2. It allows you to become an “expert” or a “celebrity” in your space.
  3. You can control your reputation and engage with customers to solve problems and answer questions.
  4. It can drive people to your website and offer a call to action.

Many companies get caught up in measurement and analysis of the return on investment in social media. The fact is that social media does not generally function as an engine for direct sales. Abandon this idea of ROI and just use social media as a way to build strong brand awareness.

It’s important to understand social media, who uses it and how they use it, so you can communicate effectively. According to the January 2014 issue of Social Economics:

58% of all people are on some social media site and 98% are between the ages of 18-24.

56% are on Facebook (11% of world population)

14% are on LinkedIn

11% are on Twitter

9% are on Google+

The average American spends 7.6 hours per month on social media.

YouTube, while not considered a social media platform, has 490 million unique visits per month with 2.9 billion hours viewed. That is a LOT of eyes.

YouTube has proven to be a powerful tool for my business. Every business should be posting videos of their products and services and positioning themselves as experts in their chosen professions. It gets you, your brand and services attention on a bigger level. My office is contacted for products and services from people around the world. When asked how they found me, “YouTube” is the most common response.

Social media is NOT a waste of time. I once thought this, but quickly saw the potential and power it had. The only businesses having problems or not gaining enough from social media are the ones:

  1. Not using it
  2. Not using it correctly
  3. Not using it enough
  4. Not using all of the platforms

A lot of people are concerned about what they should post. They often get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing. Or they give up before understanding what kind of posts work. When posting to social media apply the rule of “AGES.”

  1. Awareness (Generate it.)
  2. Give (Share content that offers value.)
  3. Educate
  4. Shares (Post information that you think others will share.)


(Fan Page)

  1. Create a “like” page for your business.
  2. Add images and create a look and feel for your page.
  3. Be clear on the page’s purpose and what the viewer will expect to get when they visit the page.
  4. Commit to posting throughout the day.


  1. Create your page.
  2. Write a clear description and include your email or website.
  3. Have a distinct voice and purpose.
  4. Frequency. (Post Hourly)
  5. Retweet others. This shares information and gets you more followers.

As most of you know by now, I hammer at all different social media platforms. I made a 10X level commitment to use social media creatively and effectively so that when people think sales, they think Grant Cardone. Do the same and watch your business grow.

Be great.  Nothing else pays.

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