You Must Gain and Maintain Control

Do you want more or less control? The more you can control the more you can have.

So the next time someone calls you a ‘control freak’ take it as a compliment. ‘Control Freak’ is yet another label that slams the successful work ethic that should be celebrated, not negated. In order to provide for your family, your business and yourself, you must have control. The entrepreneur, CEO, manager, or sales person that wakes up everyday in control and exerts control through out the day, will over time, create more great opportunities and a strong personal economy. The market place is much too dangerous not to be in control. Your career, your business, your health, finances, family, and your future are determined by your ability to exert control. The greater your skills in any area the more control you will have. Losing control of a situation is an indication of a shortage of skills and know-how. No matter how good you currently are at your position you can always become a little better and have a little more control.

When you feel things are out of control and you are trying to improve your condition, first start with what you can control, the point of origin, to be exact…you. You may not be able to handle other people in that moment but you can handle yourself. What skills do you need to improve upon? If you are in sales and an appointment doesn’t show up, don’t make the customer wrong. Ask yourself what you can do to ensure this doesn’t happen. Start with you. Work on confirming appointments with my famous “lock close” and also work on having your pipeline full. You can find information on this in my New York Times bestselling prospecting and follow up book and program, If You’re Not FirstYou’re Last.

When you want to increase control do the following:

  1. Look at YOU
  2. Discover what skills you can improve.
  3. Don’t blame the environment or others, just strengthen your abilities.

Want to take your life to the next level? You are already wildly successful but if you’re looking for the GAME CHANGER – WORK ON YOU!

I am passionate about those people who are never satisfied and never settle.
Be GREAT nothing else pays.

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