Get a Bigger Blueprint for Your Life

Do you even have a blueprint?

What you’ll learn in this article: Your dream life requires the right goals and the right plan to reach those goals!


My dad was fighting all his life to be super successful, then he died. He was making all the right moves: showing up early, staying late, stacking the dough away. If my dad would have been thinking differently, he might have been playing a game that might not have killed him.

My dad didn’t have the right blueprint

I’ve accomplished 50 times what he did not because he didn’t work hard. He was as good a man as you could be. My dad was operating with a full deck but he didn’t know what was truly possible. His dream was a house on the lake in an upper scale neighborhood. What if he had a bigger goal?

Until you see that big things are available, you cannot properly set your goals.

It’s impossible. If you don’t know it’s possible for you to fly first class every time you get on a plane or spend $150K to rent out a 19 million dollar home for two weeks, it will never happen. These options are available to you but you can’t set goals if you don’t know it’s possible.

Where do you get the blueprint?

Who are you hanging around with? The advice you get from people in small towns is limited to the experience that they’ve had in life. They are right on the small goals that they have, their way of life, and what is actually possible. With people like that, 3+3 = 6. With a different crowd, 3+3 = 4 million.

Expand your thinking. Remove the limits that you place on your potential. Super successful people think differently. If you surround yourself with people who think bigger, you’ll see a set of different possibilities.


Money won’t make you happy but it will heat the pool and pay the bills. If you don’t know what’s possible how can you possibly be setting the right goals? There’s more out there than what your professor, mom, dad, and friends tell you. It’s not that they’re bad people—they just don’t know.

Get the right blueprint so you can achieve goals that match your true potential!

Be Great,


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