Freedom Must Be Created

I hope your weekend is awesome and gets you closer to your massive goals. Memorial Day is a celebration of our freedom and independence where we go to the beach, we barbeque, we shoot off fireworks and we remember those who have given their lives to keep our country safe. The reality of our country though is that it is filled with people who are not free! And just because you’re here doesn’t mean you’re entitled to freedom. Let’s face it; the only way to have real freedom is to create massive success for yourself; freedom must be created, and earned. Don’t allow the lives given by those who have served to be in vain. Real freedom is stable income, increasing income, and ultimately multiple flows of income that results in wealth. While it seems everyone should have this, the reality is that 48-million people in this country depend on government subsidies just to live month to month. The average American only makes enough money to save 4% of their total income. That is 10X short of what it would take to create wealth and financial freedom. Real life is not like the National Anthem, an inspiring commercial, a poem or a song. Life is hard, brutal, and many times unfair.

  • If you are at a job you hate, you aren’t free.
  • If your job or income depends on the economy, you are not free.
  • If you don’t have enough in your pipeline and a weekend storm screws up your month, you are not free.
  • If you lack the ability to stay motivated, you are not free.
  • If you are a manager and can’t find great people who are motivated, how free are you really?

Most people don’t know any more about freedom than how to spell it. They are doing even less to guarantee it. Just because you are American doesn’t mean you are guaranteed freedom. Ask yourself, when was the last time you created a plan for freedom, much less one that involved creating wealth? If you haven’t done so in the last seven days, there is a very good chance you won’t achieve it. Real freedom requires a tremendous commitment to a different level of life. This is what the 1% knows and others don’t. The wealthy aren’t working for money they are striving for freedom. They want control over their time and freedom from financial burdens. They invest so that they have the ability to do and say what they want without penalty. Make a commitment to your freedom today:

  1. You and only you are responsible for your freedom.
  2. Freedom is something you have to create daily.
  3. Sacrifice comfort for freedom.

Freedom isn’t just an American theme it is something that every person should have—even if it isn’t guaranteed. Freedom isn’t free. I put together a special kit to help you create real wealth in your life. It comes with my book The 10X Rule, and audio CD version for your car, the Rules of Success MP3 for your phone and a set of DVDs on dominating your market—you can 10X any part of your life, and keep your head in the game anywhere you go—invest in yourself today. If you’re on your path to real freedom and real wealth, let me know in the comments below what you are doing to get there. Be great, GC

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