Entrepreneurs Are Trained, Not Born

I recently had Gary Vaynerchuk visit my office in Miami Beach. I have great respect for Gary and all that he has accomplished. During his visit, he said something that made me think. He said that entrepreneurship is in his DNA. Is entrepreneurship a skill set or is it raw talent? I’ve studied successful entrepreneurs for over 25 years and the traits that are common among them all include discipline, persistence, persuasiveness, and a strong work ethic. I believe each of those things can be trained. When you are born, you don’t know anything. You begin to experience life and start to learn things. Unfortunately, public schools don’t have courses teaching kids things like persistence and how to be successful. For me, it wasn’t until I committed to becoming a professional in sales that I began to study what it actually takes to become successful. I believe that everyone can learn the art of sales, which is everything in the world of business. I created Cardone University for this very purpose, giving every individual the opportunity to learn the same skills that took me from broke to owning and operating five companies that do $100 million dollars in annual sales. The Greatest Sales Secret of All Time relates to the skill of Follow-Up. How do you follow-up with your clients? Many people don’t realize that 80% of sales happen between the 5th and 12th contact. One phone call is not enough. You need an arsenal of ideas to follow-up on potential customers. I hit people with texts, emails, selfie videos, gimmicks, and much more to make sure people remember me, so that when they are ready to buy they will think about me first. Merriam-Webster defines the word ‘first’ as “preceding all others in time, order, or importance.” If you are not first, you are last. Although the concept of first or last may sound unfair and difficult to accept for some, in the real world—regardless of your business or career—first place is the only place that matters. It’s a position that allows you to weather all storms, gets you extra attention, and has the competition chasing you—rather than the other way around. Let’s get you fighting—every minute of every day—for the number one spot in your business. Nobody is born #1. Being first is something you develop through having skills. My University has courses including Selling 101, Understanding the Buyer, Mastering the Close, and 100 Ways to Stay Motivated. With over 1500 interactive online lessons with testing, it’s a full 52-week curriculum designed to teach you the things you need to dominate as an entrepreneur. Don’t let anyone tell you that they were born in first place. We all began from the same starting line. If you aren’t first in your space now, it’s because you don’t know something. You see, when you don’t KNOW you get NO. Having no girl means you don’t know something about girls. No money means you don’t know something about money. Get it? The knowledge you need is available you just need to invest in yourself. Michael Jordan had to train. Beethoven had to train. All the greats—at whatever they do—had to train. DNA will not get you in first place. Be great, nothing else pays GC

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