Don’t Take Logic, It’s a Dream-killer

Top 50 Traits of Great Salespeople #42: Great salespeople know that logic is the dream killer. Instead, they trust instinct, creativity and passion to lead and to fuel them.

If you asked someone in the year 1850 whether people would ever achieve flight, they would look at you like you were crazy. The logic at that time made flight seem like the impossible; however, 50 years later, the Wright brothers made their famous first flight.

If you asked someone in the 1900s whether we would have a box that showed pictures and transmitted audio, again, people would be raising the crazy red flag.

People who use logic will always tell you that the product of your dreams will remain, merely, as “dreams.” They tend to look at what they have and work with it, as opposed to, what they can have.

Great salespeople look to what can be made. They are inspired and trust that their creative solutions will push them towards the next greater achievement. Take a look at any great invention and you will find that a great salesperson who chose not to conform with others, made it happen. They chose the option to push forward, to make change, to be great and to prove the improbable as doable!

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