Are You a Maniac Yet?

The Top 50 Traits of Great Salespeople #41: Great salespeople have the work ethic of an obsessed person and the persistence of maniacs.

I love being called “obsessed” or “a maniac.” It means I’m on the right track in terms of how much and how hard I’m working, that I’m 10X-ing my life.

People will tell me, all the time, that I need to slow down and not to be obsessed over something, but if I wasn’t so obsessed about creating success for myself and my family, persisting beyond what anyone else was willing to do to make things happen, then I would never be where I am right now.

Set goals, keep an ambitious mindset, and repeat this constantly.

Work every second that you can towards these goals and when people start to criticize you with terms like “obsessed” or “maniac”, you will take it as an indicator that Success is on its way to you.

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