Don’t Let Naysayers Drag You Down

Want to start this week off strong? Superfreak your targets and set your targets so high, that people think you’re nuts. The more you hear comments like “that’s impossible,” “it’s never been done before,” “that’s unrealistic,” the more you know you are on the right track.

In these circumstances you must stay strong and stay true to your goals in the face of naysayers. Once you set your “10X Target,” don’t lower it, no matter what, and regardless of who says it can’t be done. This will fuel your motivation.

Often times people make the mistake of lowering their target thinking they will feel good once they accomplished something. That’s temporary, but it won’t keep you motivated and pushing. Lowering targets only encourages doing less not more. It justifies playing it safe and doing the average. Going for high targets keeps you interested, engaged and driven.

The key here is to stay motivated by challenging yourself. So think of some targets you can set this week. Set them 10X’s higher and put forth 10 times more effort than you normally would. Make them unreasonable, something no one has ever done before. Get ready for the reactions people will have to this higher level of output. When you get critics that means you’re getting somewhere fast.

Remember lowering your target is unethical and goes against your duty, obligation and responsibility for your success. Get committed and go all in. Send me a tweet @grantcardone with your 10X Target and let’s make this week strong.

Be great! Nothing else pays.

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