Do Those Things You Are Fearful Of

Do the things you are scared to do. Don’t pull away from the things that you are scared of.

We’re all scared of things, we are human beings. There are going to be things that you are scared of. But the more things you can overcome that you are scared of, the more motivated you are going to be, the more self-confidence you are going to have, the more inspired you are going to be and the more dependable you are going to be. Because if you are pulling away in life from anything – investing, learning, education, people, meetings – if you are pulling away that is not a motivator. Regardless of the outcome, if you are moving into the things you fear, man, you’re going to be motivated. You’re going to be like, “I’ll do anything.” Courage! Courage is an action. Courage is not some label you get. Courage, the label, is given to those people that actually did something that they were scared of.

Do things you are scared of! Actually make a list of the things that you are scared of and start doing them one at a time. I don’t care what it is. If you are scared of it, move to it, do it. You might think, “Oh Grant, what about things that are bad for me?” Look, I am not talking about that. Don’t mix these subjects up. If it is not good for you or it’s unethical, you don’t want to do it.

Do the things you’re fearful of; the customer, the clientele, the sales call you need to make. Maybe you don’t want to jump out of a plane. You’re like, “I am scared of heights.” Good, go handle it. Go approach it, confront it, deal with it, and beat it, that’s how you achieve motivation. Motivation isn’t something that you go to the Exxon station and get, like you put gas in your car. It’s not like that; you can’t go get it like that. You’ve got to refuel yourself and these are little tricks you can do.

Do the things you are scared to do; make that contact, call your governor, get in that meeting, go to that MLM meeting. Go do the things you’re scared to do! Go handle the problems in your life that you’re scared to handle and I guarantee you, you’re going to be motivated.

What I want you to do now is to write down five or six things you’re scared to do in the comments below and I want you to knock at least one of those things out today.

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