Convert Every Opportunity

Are you advertising? Every retail organization leverages some form of promotional advertising to drive consumer traffic. Regardless of the medium; TV, radio, print, interactive or social, a successful outcome can only be achieved if your team is prepared to execute the sale.
Ask yourself two questions:

  1. Are your associates aware of current and future promotions?
  2. Do your associates have the skills and resources to execute current and future promotions?

If you delayed in answering yes or have any doubt then you’re wasting your money. STOP WASTING MONEY!


If you’re a retailer, a marketer, a dentist, a plumber or anybody using advertising to make your phone ring and your email ping….you need to focus on preparing your people through campaign specific sales training. The only way to increase sales conversions is through preparation. Look, its easier to design the ad, pick the promo and buy the spots than it is to prepare your sales people. But without preparing the people your promotion will fail.

In order for advertising to work your salesforce needs:

  1. To be enthusiastic and knowledgeable on all current promotions
  2. To be able to answer questions, identify opportunities, and overcome objections
  3. To be prepared to convert every opportunity buy asking for the sale

How can your organization do this?

What we have found to be most effective is to start the Monday prior to the promotion and inform the staff of the offer. What it looks like, who it is going to and why it is a great offer. You must take the time to SELL your staff on this being a great offer.

Then each day of the promotion you should use video to prepare your staff for every scenario that will result due to the promotion. Every ad brings with it different complications. We are using video that has testing attached to ensure your staff understands and is prepared to handle objections, questions and the complications that each promotion brings with it.

This preparation using cloud based technology embedded with reporting functions allows your management team to rest assured that your staff has been prepared to be enthusiastic, informed and prepared to convert.

Call my office for a free demonstration of what we are doing for some of the most successful retailers in the country to make sure your promotions get you the ROI you deserve.

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