The One Piece of Advice That Will Change Your Life Forever

Your parents have probably told you a lot of things in your life that you need to do right?

  • They told you to save…
  • They told you to go to college…
  • They told you to buy a house…

But did they ever tell you to NOT BE BROKE?

Here’s the truth of the matter:

No matter what people tell you your problem is – debt, spending, etc… I can tell you that 1 thing will solve each of those problems… INCOME!

Income will solve almost every problem that you have.

You need to make more money, and I want to help you do it.

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Quick story—

There was a guy who was 28 years old and not making enough money. I offered him the opportunity to go work for me where he would make three times his $25,000 salary helping me handle my real estate transactions.

The guy didn’t want to move.

He didn’t want to follow the money.

More young people are graduating from college more than any other generation in history, but they aren’t richer.


You have to follow the money, and that oftentimes means moving away from mommy and daddy!

If you want to find a better job with better pay, here are 4 simple takeaways to get a great job immediately, to get the kind of job that will allow you to spike your income:

4 Simple Tips to Find Your Great Job:

  1. Look for a great job.
  2. Have a great attitude.
  3. Get to the decision maker.
  4. Find revenue-driving opportunities.

Throw your resume away because they only end up in a black hole and no one cares about resumes.

In a job hunt, you are selling who you are and what you can do for an organization.

Seek out people who you want to work for, seek them out and get in front of them.

If you’re still in your hometown, struggling to find a job that will pay you anything, you really do need to consider relocating to where you will have more opportunities.

You need to make a list of people, not companies, but people that you want to work for and then research how to get to them. You then must do whatever it takes to make that connection.

I wrote a comprehensive post for you on how to get a raise and advance your career HERE.

What jobs will pay you enough?

Don’t do just what you want to do. Do what will earn you money.

There are 5 levels of income in this country:

1) Poverty Level—Let’s just say anything less than $30,000

2) Middle Class—Let’s call it $30,000 to $70,000.

3) “Rich” Middle Class— $70,000 upwards to around $150,000

4) The Almost-There Class: The small percentage who earn over $150,000

5) The 1% —Those who earn more than $250,000.

Here’s the thing, you don’t need to become a Neuro Surgeon, a Petro Engineer, a Dentist, a Pharmacist, or a Lawyer to be a part of the 1%.

Get into sales.

Sales can put you in the 1%, no matter if you’ve never even taken one single college class.

If you want to become a millionaire one day, you need to create a plan and then seek to spend your talent like you are trying to go broke.

It’s really that simple.

Can you do it?

It’s up to you.

I’ve got training programs, conferences, and MP3s to help you on your journey to becoming financially free!

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Be great,


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