Busyness Does Not Equal Business

Top 50 Traits of Great Sales People #29: Great sales people don’t stay busy, they stay productive!



and Productive are terms that are often confused. By simply doing something (staying busy) people think they are getting something done. Staying busy, however, has nothing to do with accomplishment.

Example: cleaning my desk is an important task. It allows me to have a clear work space that I can use efficiently. Cleaning is merely a “task” to stay busy, to keep your hands moving. That’s different than being productive though. I want to make phone calls and close deals—actions that have meaning in terms of forwarding my job. My purpose behind a call is to make a sale. A sale is productive, and productivity means results.

Productivity means growth.

Tomorrow will be better because of what I produced today. Doing busy work makes tomorrow like any other day, if not the same as today. Why do you want tomorrow to be the same as today?  Make it better! Be productive!

We’ve got an election coming up this year. No matter who you are voting for, you’re going to vote for the person who you think can make a difference. Someone who is going to be productive and change things. No one wants to vote for the person they think will just sit in the office and do paperwork. Whoever you cast your vote for, you’ll do it because you’re looking for results.
That’s the difference between being busy and being productive. Every time a great sales person performs an activity, they should think “What are the results going to be? How is this going to help me if I succeed? Will doing this make tomorrow a better day?”

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