Magic Words to Make Any Sale

Regardless of whether the customer is right or wrong, you need to make it safe for him to be right so he doesn’t get so stuck in his “rightness” that he’s unable to change his mind.
If you want people to agree with your viewpoint, which is what selling is, all you’ve got to do is agree with their position, agree with their opinions, and step into their shoes for a moment.

If you want to keep an argument going with someone, tell them that they’re wrong. If you want to keep a raving maniac going on and on about how right he is, just disagree with him. If you want to get him to shut up, agree with him, and he’ll stop behaving like a raving maniac.

There’s no easier way to instantly end an argument than by agreeing with the opposition. A friend of mine who’d been married for seventeen years said that the magic formula to her relationship was telling her husband, “You’re right.” Who can argue with that? By ending silly arguments, one can move on and enjoy the important things in life.

Customer service problems can be handled the same way. When you get a complaint, go ahead and agree with the complaint.

The customer shouts “You guys screwed everything up!”

Your immediate response should be “I agree with you, Sir. Let me figure out how to correct it for you.”

But if you tell him he’s wrong, you’re only adding gasoline to his fire of disagreement.

You’ve probably experienced this phenomenon in your life. As an exercise, try it with your spouse or a friend. Wait until they say something and then tell them they’re wrong. Watch what happens. You’ve just fueled an argument. To end the argument, tell them they’re right! By agreeing, you cool off and put out the fire of disagreement. End of argument! You just used the magic words.

I once told a salesperson that I wanted to pay cash for the product, at which time he said, “You don’t want to pay cash for it; you should finance it.” His response created a block to my power of decision and lessened my enthusiasm for continuing to do business with him. By disagreeing with me, the salesperson created a barrier to what should have been an easy sale. He could have simply said, “Cash would be great, sir.” Then as he was taking my cash, he could have shown me both the cash price and the alternative if I financed, at which point I would have at least considered the alternative as a choice, not a “make wrong.”

Agreement is the fastest route to getting your way! Do yourself a favor and practice agreeing with people. Three of the most powerful words in the English language are “You Are Right!” Two other powerful words are “I Agree!”

Agreeing with the customer means control for the salesperson, happier customers, and quicker decisions. Miracles take place when you simply AGREE.

Share this with someone you know that could use more sales or more harmony in their personal life and let me hear your feedback on what you experienced using this technique.

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