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January 31, 2012

Not all payments in life are monetary.

Every time you get your way, you've just been paid a commission. The commission was getting your way because you had to sell someone on that.
  • Recognition for a job well done is a commission.
  • A raise of promotion at work is a commission.
  • Gaining new friends is an incredible commission.
  • Getting votes for a project you are pushing forward is a commission.
  • There's no salary guaranteed in life and the whole world is on commission and required to sell.
With some extra, well done effort, as a result of a commission, comes the best things in life: happiness, security, safety, a great home, a great family, love, confidence friends, your church, your community, and true love. These are all commissions for someone's hard work at selling others on a better way of life! Everyone on this planet is involved in sales. There are no exceptions to this law, so get out there and show the world the skills of a true salesperson! Get your way in life. (Taken from Sell to Survive.)

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