Anytime I am having trouble getting what I want in my life, career, money or relationships I look at:
1. Do I really want this?
2. What is it that I do NOT know?

From the really important things, like more quality time with kids and spouse, to financial security, more income, more freedom, security, confidence or whatever it is you want, the first thing to do is to be clear about your desire and then look for what you don’t know.

All the things you want are attainable–all of them! Do you really want it?
If the answer is yes, like it is with me most of the time, then there is simply something you don’t know.

Don’t give up on what you want, get knowledge that you are missing.

Make this your steadfast formula!
If you really want something and you aren’t getting it then just KNOW with total confidence that it is merely something you do not know. Decided what that is and get the knowledge. This has worked for me so many times in my life to get me what I want. If you don’t commit to this formula you actually start creating dumb reasons for giving up on the things you deserve.


“Add knowledge to desire,
Like you would wood to a fire,
And sooner or later,
You will achieve your dreams!”
-The 10X Rule

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