Best Deal Ever, Period.


If you have ever sat in your home like I did when I was 25-years old and said:

“When is my life going to change?”
“When am I going to get my money right?”
“When am I going to find that job?”
“When am I going to hit pay-dirt?”
“When am I going to quit grinding and get mine?”

If you’ve ever had those thoughts or that idea more than once, twice, three times, a thousand times, if you’ve ever been obsessed with the idea of being successful and getting to where you know you can be, and if you’ve ever been inspired by a guy like me who went from nothing to what I am today, then know that I want to help you. The number one thing people ask me is this:

“Can I get some sit-down time with you?”

I’m going to give that to you. I have an offer for you that is everything you want and everything you need to make sure you are successful in 2017.

#1: You’re going to fly down to Miami and sit down with me and I’m going to give you 5 or 10 minutes across the desk and we’re going to talk about your business and your plan to get you wealthy.

#2: I’m going to become your coach and provide certified coaches from my staff so that each week we do a Mastermind with you to make sure you are staying on the path and not stopping and quitting. It happens to everybody so don’t feel bad if you bought a program in the past and didn’t use it or bought a book and didn’t read it.

I’ve done it, I’ve got hundreds of books I didn’t finish. So what? That doesn’t mean you are a quitter, it means you just need to stay with the deal—so starting now I’m going to be doing everything I can to help you.

I want to 10X your income. I don’t care if you are a welder, a plumber, a carpenter, a single mother with two kids, I want to 10X your income. If you haven’t given up, your Uncle G won’t give up—even if you have given up, your Uncle G won’t give up. Why would I do all this? Because my mission is to help people become successful. My business grows when everyday people like you—like where I came from—people with problems, challenges, people with simple jobs that they don’t like and don’t pay enough. When I make people like you successful, my business explodes. I need thousands of people this year telling other people what Grant Cardone did for them.

So this is what I’m going to do: when you sign up for Lifetime Membership of Cardone University, you’re going to fly to Miami and meet with me. I’m also giving you 52 weeks of Mastermind per year for life—that means every week of every year you’ll be able to meet with Cardone certified trainers, live.

#3: You get my Playbook, which is a $5,000 program I’m giving you for FREE with the Lifetime Membership.

#4: You get the entire content of Cardone University including all future updates. This is the #1 business and entrepreneurial revenue generating machine there is, it’s an educational platform with certification and testing.

This is a limited time offer, I will end this and not offer this bonus ever again. There is only so many people I can sit with for 10 minutes, so grab it now and take advantage of it. Let me be your coach to make sure you are super financially successful going into 2017 and beyond. Let me help you. This program works.

Do it now.

How are you going to get to Miami? You’re going to have to get yourself here and I’ll sit down with you. What is it worth to you to spend 10 minutes with a guy that went from nothing to where I’m at today and find out how he did it? We will map out how to get to that place you want to be. What do you have to lose?

Look, you can’t make more money and you can’t get to where you want staying focused on the little stuff you have. The first big leap you have to make is all on you. You have to throw down for you. It doesn’t take money to make money, it takes courage to make money. Make the investment in yourself. Companies pay me $80,000 A YEAR for this and I’m offering it to individuals for $4995 FOR LIFE. You will one day be telling people that I helped take you from $30,000 a year to $3 million a year. I know it can be done, I’ve done it for others, and now I want to do it for you.

Be Obsessed or Be Average,


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