It’s My Fault


Look, you need to take responsibility for all results. High performance, highly successful people take total responsibility for every outcome in their life. They never make excuses. They look to themselves for being the cause of situations—they don’t blame other people or other things.

Go to a golf course and watch guys swing their driver, hit the ball and see it slice off to the side and they immediately look at their club as if something is wrong with the driver. There’s nothing wrong with the club folks, there’s something wrong the swing. You can’t change the club, but you can change your swing.

The only things which you can control are the things which you claim responsibility for. If it’s someone else’s fault—then you are out of control. I am not out of control in my life. If I would be, I’d be a victim. Every sale that I’ve missed was my fault. Every complaint I’ve had from a customer, every unsatisfied customer I’ve had was about me, not them. Every cold I’ve ever got was created by me. I was either stressed out, wasn’t eating healthy, or traveling too much. I create colds, not catch them.

Some of you are saying, “Hey, bad things happen to people all the time.” Not to me. That’s not my reality or universe. If that’s not your world, don’t make me wrong. Every car accident I’ve been in where the police said someone else was at fault, I created it—I was responsible. You might be thinking I’m getting carried away. I mean, if someone drops a bomb on a city, who’s fault was that? We all create that somehow. We authorized someone, who authorized someone, to create a bomb.

I’ve been robbed twice in my life and almost killed once. I caused both of them. There is no victims, only creators. Once you understand this you’ll be on your way to massive success. The one thing that keeps people from having happiness and success in their life is a lack of responsibility. Everything that happens to you is because of you. Quit passing it off.

Maybe you have a company and keep complaining about how your people are not productive. Why don’t you track what is going on and do something to fix it? You are responsible as an owner or manager if your people are not being productive. I’m always in the position of how I can solve the problem. You either have no control or good control. Most salespeople go their whole career blaming customers for not making sales. If you are the problem, you can be the solution. If you’re not the problem, how can you be the solution? If someone else is to blame than you are a victim.

If you don’t earn enough money, who’s fault is that? You can do something about it—take control of your finances and get on Cardone University today. If you don’t, your financial situation will remain your fault—I promise.

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