Be Different and Get More!

It’s President’s Day, a very important day for retailers. I want to commend those who are working today and offer some quick motivation to ensure a strong, productive day.

Here are five tips to being productive:

1. Look for ways to do something differently. Why settle for the same tasks offering the same result? Take a new approach and watch what good can come.

2. Get aggressive and challenge yourself to push beyond the best you think you are capable of. When you commit to doing more you’ll always accomplish more.

3. Go for big wins! Look at your goals. Are they big enough? Each day think about some really big wins. What would it be like if you really got something big going this week?

4. Do the annoying tasks first. Everyone says “do what you love and the reward will follow.” That’s not the case. Knock out the harder tasks and score some big wins by getting them out of the way.

5. Finish what you start. There’s something great about finishing cycles. See a task through all the way and you’ll get the sense you’ve conquered something. Own the task. Don’t let it own you.

Every Monday is a start to a new week filled with opportunities for you. With focus and purpose, there’s nothing beyond reach.

Our attitude about Monday determines our outcomes. Make this Monday and every Monday great!

Be great! Nothing else pays.

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