5 Mistakes Worse Than Walking on Hot Coals

About 30 people were treated for burns after walking on hot coals during self-help guru Tony Robbins’ “Unleash the Power Within” seminar in Dallas last year. You don’t need to walk on hot coals to unleash more power, but you do need to take more actions and become obsessed.

At age 25 I became obsessed with becoming a true professional in my career as a car salesman. I learned the art of sales by committing to it and investing in myself. My obsession took me from broke to hecta-millionaire in under 30 years. I came to learn there were certain things I had to do right in order to get more sales, but there were also many things I needed to avoid.

I want to quickly share with you today five mistakes you don’t want to make in the world of sales:

1. Using a random approach.

How do you connect with a customer, what do you say? You should always know exactly what you’re going to say and where you’re going next. Don’t wing it.

2. Not getting answers.

This is a massive problem for many salespeople. If you can’t get answers from people you can’t close them. If I can’t control the asking of questions and the receiving of answers, I’m in trouble. You must get answers to your questions.

3. Not asking questions.

Don’t worry about offending them. Their budget is your business. If you’re going to blow the deal, do it because you know what you’re doing. Ask questions you need to be answered. The only thing worse than not getting answers from customers is not even asking them questions.

4. Jumping forward to price.

You get to price before determining if the product even satisfies the buyer’s wants and needs. Don’t put the cart before the horse. You don’t need to jump to price right away, start fact finding and qualifying what the person needs.

5. Being mechanical.

When you are learning something new it’s not fluid, it’s awkward. It takes training. To get fluid requires repetition. You don’t want to be rigid and robotic. Being great in sales takes practice and you need to role play scenarios.

To become great in sales you have to know the game. The lack of commitment to sales is the biggest missing ingredient in salespeople getting what they want in life. You must develop skills because you aren’t born with them. If you don’t train you will make mistakes and miss sales.

I’m offering a 3-day Sales Boot Camp this summer, July 21-23 at the beautiful Turnberry Resort in Aventura, Florida. Get obsessed with increasing your income and get down here for a hands-on training with me and my best sales guys. No matter what industry you are in, whether you are a professional salesperson or not, you need to become obsessed with what you’re doing to become great at it.

Be Obsessed AND great,


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  • Scott

    I love you grant but the 30 people being burned at Tony Robbins was debunked. Secondly you don’t need to compare yourself to him to validate yourself, you’re just adding wood to his fire! You taught us that! Lastly I went to Tony’s seminar and decided to finally get serious about sales and that’s how I found you.

  • Brian

    Scott…. I was always told to recognize the process and don’t get caught up in the content. Grant obviously gets triggers or ideas and just runs with it and try’s to pass on valuable info….. he’s not analyzing or validating…. he is pumping content….. just read… reflect… implement and move on.

  • Craig Dillion

    My 2 cents: I have a lot of affinity, appreciation and respect for you! Agree with most of your content. But taking stabs at some one like Tony is a low blow and a lowering of your character. Tony has dedicated his life to reaching people and causing people to reach new levels within themselves, and whether it’s for “you” or not – walking on coals does serve a purpose for many people, in causing/allowing the individual to face, engage and overcome a fear. Simple as that! Keep it classy Grant! Your better than that!

  • Chuck

    Love your passion and your content Grant!. Thank you for shifting my attitude towards sales a full 180. Read all your books and implement your teaching on a daily basis. I’ve also walked on fire with Tony right outside Madison Garden in NYC a few years back. Previous comment from Scott is correct. If someone was burned the next 29 people would have more than second thoughts about strolling the coals.

  • Vuong Tran

    Lol his opening was just a hook, sth to catch your attention. Why do so many ppl get butthurt bout that? He’s just trying to show you different ways to become fearless and unleash your potential. If you’d rather walk on hot coals and get burned, go ahead. If you’d rather stand in front of a train coming at you at 55 mph and get out of the way at the very last second, you are welcome. Love him or hate him, Grant provides valuable content. Anyway, don’t be sensitive. Be great. Coz nothing else pays.

  • Rosa Ring

    @Scott—-Grant Cardone was correct about the Tony Robbins “walking on hot coals” incident. It was all over CNN and I watched the actual footage.

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