3 Tips for Being a Great Father

While I only knew my dad for a few short years, he inspired me in how he conducted himself. While most kids look up to their fathers as giants, it wasn’t until later in life that I realized what great things my father gave to me. For me, it wasn’t necessarily what my dad said to me, but it was how he conducted himself. Even though I lost my Dad at a young age, I remember his dedication to the family. In honor of my dad and all the great dads out there, here are 3 tips today to be the best dad you can be:

1) Make time not excuses. And do whatever it takes to ‘make’ time for them.  I make time for my kids and I still make time to run my businesses and my marriage.  I don’t blame my business for not having time for my kids.  I make time for them and still handle my other obligations.

If I have to get up early to spend time with them, then that’s what I do.  If I need to hire someone to help me take care of business so I can spend time with them, then that’s what I do.  I bought a jet so I could take my kids on trips with me and I didn’t always have the means to buy a jet.  I went out and made more money so I could make the jet purchase and spend more time with my kids.

2) Teach your kids courage is worth more than information. I don’t teach my kids to be scared or even careful. I teach them to be dangerous, to meet strangers, to be seen and be heard.  My job as a father is to create a safe environment for the girls to express, expand and learn in.  Their job is to explore.  I never tell my kids to be careful.   I want them to extrovert into society because I know that is vital to experiencing and living life.

3) Let them be right.  I put the kids in situations where they can win.  Winning in life only requires that a person is right more often than they are wrong.  When you are right over and over you build belief that you can be right.  Being right is important to winning so I always position them to win.  I don’t give them anything but I make it possible for them to win at the things we are doing.    If I’m playing backgammon with my five-year-old, I show her the best moves and show her how to win.  If we are playing catch I put the ball in their hands in the beginning until they can catch what I throw them.

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Be great,


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