Your Power Base

Everyone of you – even those of you that think don’t you do – has a base of power in their lives.

Typically it starts with family and friends and it is the first place salespeople should be putting their efforts into. I am always astounded that people do not first get in contact with their power base. Your power base is made up of people who will be happy to hear from you and want to know what you’re up to. Think about it, one of the fastest way to not get into power in your career is to abandon those who love, care or have some interest in your life.

Look this is the path to the easiest sale you are probably going to make and I always prefer them over a brand-new prospect because I have a relationship with them; I have their trust and they know me.  These people that are your power base are unique to you and like a vault of gold that only you have the key to.  Even to the points that when an existing customer has a complaint or a problem, that’s just a great opportunity to turn it into another sale.  In fact, I have a policy in my office that problems are to be immediately brought to me, the bigger the better because this is a chance to get them into my power base and close a sale – if not at that moment, at some time in the future.

The first thing you want to do is make a list of your power base. This is not limited to family and friends and includes associates from past jobs, past employers, current and former clients, members of clubs, neighbors, members of organizations, your church and even the guys you didn’t like in high school.  What you say is the easy part and it doesn’t even need to be “salesey,” just let them know what you are doing now or get back in touch if you haven’t spoke to them in a while. And get this, they know people and will likely be happy to refer you to their power base when you contact them in the right way.

Get the relationship, trust and an experience with you in and watch you base grow. Now keep as much attention on the people you just sold as you do on the people that you want to sell next.  And build power from your power base!

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