You MUST Sell to Survive

Don’t get head-faked by the media’s reports that the economy is improving. While there are reports of improvements the economy you live and work in is still very fragile. Why do I say this to you? Because I want to keep you on alert so that you don’t get lazy or complacent!
All the energies and efforts of your business need to be focused on selling, sales, sales motivation, and sales training in order for you to maximize every selling opportunity. You can’t save your way into being more profitable. At some point your organization has to successfully make those EXTRA sales. Like I discuss in my book, “Sell to Survive,” trying doesn’t matter now, Selling and Closing does. Insist on getting the business now, as though your life depends on it! You MUST sell to survive.

Everyone in the organization from the top down to the bottom must be dedicated to getting the company’s products and services into the marketplace. What’s the point in planning and organizing if you can’t successfully close the sale? Executive management may think cutting budgets will solve all the problems, but budgets can only be cut so much until they realize that in order to generate a profit, it’s essential that you focus on being able to close the sale and sell your products. The top dog in the company may be the CEO, but he or she needs to wear the hat of top sales person like never before. Selling isn’t limited to a sales team or to ‘select’ individuals. This idea of selling needs to become the sole focus of the whole company and flow through each and every employee, with everyone either directly selling or helping the sales team close the sales.

Approach each day and each customer as though the only thing that matters is selling. Remember, success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility.

Grant Cardone, International Sales Training Expert & NY Times Best-Selling Author

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