You Must Be Joking

This is an absolute must for anyone looking to become great.

When the heat is on or the pressure cooker on your customer or boss’ head is about to go pop, a little humor can go a long way to relieve the pressure and help close the deal. Sometimes you got to let a little steam out! Life reveals itself through stories and who doesn’t love a good story? Toss some humor into the mix and you have a recipe for success.

Use your head though and get to know your customer otherwise it is one that also has the potential to backfire.

A good clean joke or story will lighten the mood, make the buyer feel good and positive. Remind your buyer (and yourself) that life is to be enjoyed, not endured. Any humor that can make people feel good, inspired or hopeful is always appropriate. People are more likely to make decisions when they are less “serious” rather than painstakingly scouring over the deal.

Think about it, how much do people spend every day in this country for entertainment and to feel good? When you’re in the heat of the moment, make sure to remind yourself and your prospect how good this will be, how they will feel, look, and that this is the right thing.

You’ll achieve more and accomplish more when you can weave in humor taking the right approach. Get your prospects to lighten up a little, laugh and have some fun. Use humor to take the edge off and close the deal. Done right it’s a lethal combination.

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