Why Santa is a Better Businessman Than You

I was in my Internet department recently and overheard a phone call. One of my web guys was taking a call from some tech company looking to sell a service to us. The call started with typical greetings followed by the sales guy asking how we were doing. My guy replied “good”, and asked how the sales guy was doing. He answered, “Good, we’re winding down here with the holidays and everything.” It was December 16. This is typical for “normal” people in society—they throw away half the month with the holiday excuse and limp to the end of the year rather than sprinting to crush the finish line.

This is why so many people have bad Januarys. You can’t wind things down and expect to win. You are either expanding or you’re contracting. You either operate with massive actions or you’re normal—or worse, retreating. I’d say that “winding down” is a retreat, wouldn’t you? This time of year you need the work ethic of Santa Claus, he’s just winding up for the biggest time of year.

What can you learn from Santa? He’s coming to town! No matter the weather, no matter how much he has to deliver, he’s going to get things done. He makes his list and checks it twice. If you want to bring gifts to billions of people, you have to 10X it, right?

Here are 3 ways to end the year like Santa rather than winding down:

1. Try and Get Extra Appointments—No matter what you are selling, you are in the people business. It may be difficult to get on someone’s calendar this time of year because so many people are “winding down” but go the extra mile to see them. Appointments are income. How many appointments a salesperson has will determine how much money they will make.

Fill up your calendar this last week with appointments.

Customers will invest two things with you—time and money. It’s the time that comes first, and time is what? Time is money. When you are setting appointments and are able to get a buyer’s commitment of time, especially this time of year, the commitment of money is right around the corner. People have Christmas bonuses, year-end bonuses, and are looking to spend money before January 1.

2. Get Super Focused on Service—One of the important rules of Sell or Be Sold is to give, give, give. Service is senior to selling. Having a great attitude. Many people get stressed out this time of year. You can really stand out by servicing people like they are millionaires. Santa has a great attitude, have you ever seen him when he wasn’t jolly? That cat is servicing people, going the extra mile climbing down chimneys to get things done. If you really serve people, you can pick up extra sales before the end of the year.

3. Get People to Believe in You—If Santa is great at one thing, he gets people to believe. If you want people to believe in your product or service, you have to first believe in it. You need to be sold on you and what you offer. The more confidence you have the more people will follow your lead. Sell or be sold.

Look, I don’t want you to wind down right now. That does nobody any good. Your customers need your products, your family needs you to be making sales, and if you wind down now, you’ll be trying to get things going again the first week of January with no momentum trying to make up for a week of missed sales.

Go at it hard to end the year. Invest in yourself today and get lifetime access to Cardone University before I pull the plug on this incredible deal. It’s time to wind up and get a head start to a huge 2017. Are you ready to do this?! Get it here.

Be great,


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