What Makes GREAT Fathers?

I was thinking about the importance of fathers and what makes a great father as this Father’s Day is upon us.
While I only knew my dad for a few short years, he inspired me in how he conducted himself. While most kids look up to their fathers as giants, it wasn’t until later in life that I realized what great things my father instilled in me.

Without my father knowing it, he taught me the value of hard work, finishing tasks and doing whatever it took to provide for his family. My father was also extremely motivated to be a success. I can only imagine that he believed becoming successful was not an ego-driven activity but rather his responsibility to create that image for his five children, wife, his siblings, mother and father.

In everything my father did he was influencing each of us. It wasn’t what he said, it was how he conducted himself, how he held himself, how he finished a task, how he went to work everyday and how he worked through his own difficulties in his career and life and overcame them.

Even though I lost my Dad at the age of nine, I remember his dedication to the family, how he valued work whether it was yard work, home work or his own career. My father was a pusher and demanded certain qualities from each of us. My father was a stern man that didn’t fool around. Whether my father knew it or not, just being around him for only a few short years, I learned from how he lived his life that success is a duty, obligation and a responsibility.

Remember success is not something you did, it is something you are doing. This Father’s Day, re-commit yourself to Success as Your Duty, Obligation, and Responsibility and give that to your kids. While my dad didn’t live long enough to create the success he had dreamed of, he did share that concept with each of us in how he lived his life.

And I am not just talking about your personal success, but the success of your children, your marriage, your immediate and extended family, your company and its survival, even your generation, and our great country. Take a minute and see that all your actions affect those around you in ever widening circles.

When you get yourself into action and achieve your goals, you are not the only person that benefits. People see the example you set and the possibilities for their own success. This changes people’s attitudes, creates real hope and motivation for others to better provide for their families and communities. Success is important, it’s valuable and my father taught me that.

Now, I’m not telling you this to guilt you into working hard or pushing for more success – I’m sharing this with you to honor my father and remind you that we all have the ability to change the lives of many people around us. A great father is a great example and a powerful force in our culture. Where the father is missing you can see entire communities degraded.

Here are a five excerpts from my Rules of Success program that I use to set an example each day of my life:

  1. Show UP no matter what!
  2. Have an Attitude of Service
  3. Focus on Your Dreams Daily
  4. Be Disciplined and Consistent
  5. Always Go for Failure

Get these basic rules in, start following them every day and it will allow you to fulfill your role as the key influencer you are!

You can get the Full Rules of Success Program on DVD and the audio version for Fathers Day and when you do we will include my Prospecting Package for free.

Be GREAT… anything less is a lie.

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