Visualize Your Dreams and Goals

What are your goals? Not for today, I mean what are your goals for five years from now? Ten years from now?

When I was first starting my business, I wrote down my goals every day. I cut out pictures of where I wanted to live and looked at those pictures every day. The reason I did this was because it reminded me every single minute what I was working for.

It reminded me that if I went home at the end of my work day that I still had more work to do if I wanted to truly achieve my success.  When I first saw La Jolla, California, I was blown away by the place. At the time I couldn’t afford rent, much less own a house there. I put a picture of the place on my desk and every day I worked I knew that I was working for that place.

Visualization is powerful. It makes the goals real. You no longer say you want to have a nice house, but rather you get to say “I want that house, with this many rooms, on this street.”

Start putting pictures of what you want in your life. Go to an open house for a neighborhood you can’t afford but want to live in. Take pictures of yourself in the place and look at those pictures often. Go test drive that car you want and take pictures.

Make it real for yourself. Every time you start to think that it’s ok to slack off take a look at those pictures and you’ll be back to working with renewed energy.

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