The Sales Rule Most Entrepreneurs Break


Have you ever been in a situation where you are the buyer and the sales experience is uneasy, maybe even aggressive or confrontational? We all have.

Here’s a common scenario: A customer says: “I’m looking for quotes on life insurance, but I’m not ready to buy just yet.”

The salesperson responds: “Great. I will be glad to help, ” and goes right into product details, but fails to take the time to use the power of agreement.

When the customer said they weren’t buying today, a smart response from the salesperson would have been: “I understand, Most people come to me in the beginning stages, just shopping for information. It would be my pleasure to get you all the information you need so that when you are prepared to make a decision, you will consider me.”

Always agree with your customer first. In fact, always, always, always agree with the customer before doing anything else as a salesperson.

Agreement is the single most important and the most commonly overlooked rule in all of selling. It takes discipline to be agreeable, especially when the need to be right is such an impulse for most people.


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