The NFL Can Teach You About Life

Here are some things I’ve learned from recent games

In this Blog you’ll learn: How football is a metaphor for life.

The Super Bowl is this week, and in football, as in life, some just can’t close the deal.  I’ve had deals I’ve felt good about that fell through. I thought it was a done deal, they said it was a done deal, hands can be shaken, but until money (and value) is exchanged, there’s always a window where things can go wrong.


You haven’t won until you’ve won.

Here are 3 of the Biggest Non-Closer’s in NFL History:

#3—The 2015 NFC Championship between the Packers and Seahawks

This was an ugly collapse. The Packers held a 19-7 lead until just over 2 minutes left when the Seahawks scored. Down 19-14, Seattle needed an onside kick to have any chance. The ball slipped right through a Packers player’s hands and the Seahawks recovered and went on to win.

This comes down to training, as a professional you have to be able to catch a ball when it hits you in the hands.

Lesson: If you don’t train right when the pressure is off, you will never perform right when the pressure is on.


#2—The Vikings and Saints Game 2 weeks ago

The Saints were up by 1 with just 10 seconds remaining. In the final play, the Saints just had to make one more tackle. No matter how close, you have to make that final play to win—otherwise, you lose.


It was truly a “Minneapolis Miracle”.

Lesson: This game taught me not to celebrate a victory until you close the deal.


#1—Super Bowl 51 Last Year between the Patriots and Falcons

Who can forget the Falcons blowing a 28-3 lead in the 2nd half a year ago? This game taught me to just focus on the task at hand because that’s all I can control. Tom Brady wasn’t thinking about how many points he was down, he could only control the next play.

Lesson: All successful people focus on getting the job done in the present because the past is over and the future doesn’t yet exist.


Focus on the task at hand, don’t celebrate until you’ve closed the deal, and train when the pressure is off so you’re always ready when the pressure is on.

Comment below what you learned from these games—or any sporting event. 

Be Great,


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