The Myth of Time Management

You don’t manage time, you create time


It’s pointless for people to worry about time management and balance. The question they should be asking is “How can I have it all in abundance?” Quit thinking in terms of either/or and start thinking in terms of all and everything.

How to Have It All

To really understand, manage, maximize, and squeeze every opportunity out of the time you have, you have to fully understand and appreciate how much of it you have available to you. You must first take control of your time—not allow others to do so.

I challenge you to keep track of how you’re spending your available time, perhaps in a journal. Most people have no clue what they are doing with their time but still complain that they don’t have enough. Personally, I use my 10X Planner.

How Imbalances Happen

An imbalance is always going to occur when you don’t do enough with the time you have. Most people only work enough so that it feels like work, whereas successful people work at a pace that gets such satisfying results that work is a reward.

The Solution

Get everyone necessary—your family, colleagues, associates, employees—to recognize and agree upon which priorities are most important. If you don’t do this, you will have people with different agendas pulling you in all sorts of directions.

Control your time rather than just haphazardly trying to manage it.

Set priorities and commit to a solution that lets you be the boss of your own time!





If you start with a commitment to success and then agree to control time, you will create an agenda that accommodates all you want.

Don’t manage time, create time.

Be great,



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