How to Stay Positive in Negative Times

Want to stay positive when the world around you is negative?

Turn on the media and all you hear about are the latest shootings. There’s too much noise out there that will bring you down, get you angry, and distract you from your goals.

I want to show you how to stay positive today by changing your attitude with your thoughts and your words.

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What you think and what you say to yourself and to others amounts to your attitude.

Highly successful people have positive attitudes.

So, how do you change your attitude?

I have days that are worse than others. Like you, I also have days that I’m at work and I don’t want to be at work.

How do you change your attitude? Produce something.

Hear me out on this.

Any level of production will change someone’s attitude. If you don’t like the world around you CREATE something POSITIVE to make it the world you want to live in.

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The idea of having goals and dreams, exercising, eating right, and the idea of knowing where you are going will change your attitude. But what will change your attitude forever is what you think.

Why is that?

What you think and what you do shifts your attitude.

Go make a sale, complete a task, make a phone call, go handle something you’ve been putting off, produce almost anything at any level and you’ll feel better.

This is because production is the basis for morale.

This is the formula for a great attitude:

Positive Thought + Positive Language + Positive Action = A Great Attitude

The more positive thought, the more positive language, the more positive actions—the more positive the attitude.

I’m always looking to avoid any low esteem events. Anything you don’t feel good about don’t do.

The language that you use creates the attitude that you have

Everybody talks to themselves. We all have multiple personalities.

  • “Hey, do I need to be here?”
  • “Where else can I be?”
  • “How can I be more productive?”
  • “Business is bad.”

These are things we all say to ourselves.

What do we say to others?

Get a journal and write down every negative thought or comment you have. You’ll see why you are battling staying up.

Ever hear this—garbage in garbage out?

The language you use is created by the thoughts that you have.

If you think it, you’ll say it, then you’ll do it.

This is why so many people try and change behavior and it doesn’t last. If you don’t change your thought process, you won’t change your verbal process, and you won’t change your actions.

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You need to have a good attitude, and a good attitude comes from good production. The more you produce the better your attitude will be.

Me writing this blog post today creates a good attitude—I become positive. Me watching TV and all the problems in the world will not create a good attitude.

How would you respond today if asked the following:

  • “How are you doing?”
  • “How’s your business?”
  • “How was your weekend?”
  • “Hey what’s been going on?”
  • “Have you met anyone interesting lately?”
  • “What are you doing this weekend?”
  • “What do you think of this weather right now?”

These are questions you are asked every day. What would be the first response you’d normally give?

Every day you choose to answer these questions in a certain way because you think about them in a certain way.

You answer them the way you think. How you think causes what you say and what you say is what you do, and what you do creates production or lack of production.

Do you think highly successful people with great attitudes, when asked how their weekend was, reply, “It was ok,” or, “It was the same old same old”?

No, the people that answer that way are mundane.

Alright, it’s ok, so-so, nothing special”.

Then they wonder why their life isn’t exciting.

I want adventure in my life. I want excitement. I want to feel good. Your entire life is created by your thoughts—and then by your language.

Start using language that is different. Start using the language highly successful people use.

Great, super, wonderful, incredible, excellent”.

Those are the words you want.

How was your weekend? “It was a blast.” That’s my self-talk.

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How to Stay Positive in Sales

The ability to be positive no matter what the customer says is the one thing that will ensure you’re a winner in business. When you are positive, people will find you irresistible and start asking if you take their preferred form of payment.

Here are two suggestions that I’ve used in sales when I wanted to make sure I had a great, super-positive attitude:

#1 Visualization—Try and see the customer taking ownership before they do. The sale starts with you, not with the customer.

See them using the product or service in your mind. Remind yourself of this before you ever get in front of a customer. Think in terms of when not if.

For example, “When you do this with me, you will get this result.” If a customer is not decided about the product or service, I tell them, “It’s only a matter of time before you do this with me.” I recently did this with a guy and after the third time he said, “You are so confident, I like how you keep assuming the sale.”

#2 Treat Each Customer Like a Millionaire—Treat people like they are super rich and they will act like millionaires. Keep doing this regardless of how the customer acts.

One of my clients once told me he would not spend money on my product and that it was a waste of time. I treated him like a millionaire and told him I wanted to fly and see him, regardless. I got the sale.

Positive wristbands

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Having a great attitude will pay you more in life than anything else.

People will remember you not for how much money you made or for your success, but for how you handled life and made others feel great.

Your attitude and your ability to have a positive influence on the attitudes of others will affect not just your sales, but every area of your life, including your marriage, kids, health, wealth and finances.

You name it, and a great attitude will affect it.

So, make sure you and your employees have a positive attitude before you focus on process or product.

Tactics for Staying Positive

To be a positive person, you need to have a smile, good posture, light in your eyes, and interest in the person you are interacting with.

Your attitude can be bad, neutral, good, or great. Your paycheck is dependent on having a great attitude. You’re not going to win big with a bad, neutral, or even good attitude.

Your attitude is that x-factor, and it’s very difficult to measure—but it’s critical to your life, and particularly critical for selling.

You want people calling you “Mr. Positive” or “Ms. Positive”.

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It’s not too difficult to be positive once, but how do you stay positive over hours, days, weeks, or your whole life?

Again, it all goes back to the fact that your attitude is determined by your thoughts. Your thoughts are determined by the content of your mind, and the content of your mind is determined by your environment.

The environment around you includes…

  • The Internet
  • TV
  • Your friend
  • Co-workers
  • Family

Just as your body is a reflection of what you put in it and how you take care of it, your mind is the same. Whatever is going on in your head is going to come out of your mouth.

What comes out of your mouth had to come from what first came into your mind. Your mind got the content from somewhere.

If you have angry content coming into your mind you will have an angry attitude.

If you have apathetic, quit, give up, no solution content, you will have that kind of attitude.

If you have positive, solution-oriented, can-do content coming in, you will communicate it when you are with customers.

So, what is the content you have received since you woke up this morning?

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I keep positive books in my house. I write my goals down each day. I record programs on TV so I can blow through all the negative stuff and control what I watch.

I want to watch winners. Your life and your career depend on your attitude. You need to control your content. I stay positive by controlling the content of my mind.

18 Rules to live by and you will be positive:

  1. Be seen by others as positive.
  2. Act so positive that people have to ask why you are so positive.
  3. Use energy and enthusiasm in every action.
  4. “Wear” the attitude.
  5. Go “all-in” like you have unlimited energy.
  6. Be 100% in your expectations.
  7. Set your goals high.
  8. Drive yourself for more.
  9. Confront your fears.
  10. Allocate your time.
  11. Put your biggest challenge first.
  12. When in doubt, just do it.
  13. Be an over-achiever.
  14. Commit to yourself.
  15. Only blame yourself.
  16. Operate like your life depends on it.
  17. Act hungry.
  18. Be willing to do anything to close a deal.

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If you study the people that are really, really great, those that are just excelling at a different level, who are excited all the time, you will find that they literally create their own environments.

For example, I have all these little signs: “You are Greatness,” “No Negativity Allowed Here,” “Only Positivity Allowed” and “Greatness Doesn’t Come Without Training.” And somebody said to me, “Oh, you’re always coming up with these little gimmicks to sell people.” I replied, “Dude, these gimmicks are for me, they’re not for you.

I want to control my environment. I don’t just want to walk into an environment and have blank space on the wall. I want to walk in and know what I have.

If I walk into your office what do I see? I see pictures of your kids, right? I see a dog. I see stuff that makes you feel good.

Or maybe I see this: A couple of pictures of your kids that are outdated, they’re old, 3 or 5 years old. Or it happened 17 years ago and you got a picture of your little kid 17 years ago.

But what about the future?

What about your goals?

Are your goals in your office or are they at home? I’ve got pictures of stuff I want that there is no way I have enough time to attain. I have pictures and images around me of my dreams and goals.

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I want to see these things surrounding me and I want positive information around me.

That’s why I am telling you, read a book every week. Quit watching the news and make the news. Read books, listen to audio programs, and surround yourself with positive messages because that is the way that you’re going to be able to stay positive, stay motivated and stay excited.

And then maybe, just maybe, the people that come into your environment will actually be influenced by the positive images and signs of your environment.

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Be the most positive person you know. Be the lighthouse of positive.

Be the person that’s so positive everybody else thinks you’re the whack.

You ever been that guy in the room? Like that guy is whack. That guy is so positive it’s sick. Something’s wrong with that guy.

Think ONLY POSITIVITY ALLOWED HERE and then take it to another level to where everybody is saying, “He’s the beacon of positive. He is the go-to guy or gal for positive. That person is completely insane they’re so positive.”

Be that person, why not? Somebody has got to be the person.

Be the most positive person you know. Live up to that every day. Live up to the idea that you got the label, that you have the job, and that you have the position of the most positive person.

Be the most positive person that YOU have ever met.

Cut out the negative people

I have a little sign that says, NO NEGATIVITY ALLOWED HERE. It’s a policy. It’s saying it’s not tolerated.

So, if I have a cousin, an uncle, an aunt, my mom, my dad, my spouse, kids, an employee, a customer that’s being negative I show them the sign and let them know, here’s the warning pal. Maybe I need to sit down and have a talk with them.

I remember this girl that used to come to our parties. I told my wife you need to take her off the list, she’s negative! Get rid of negative people! You’re saying, “Oh Grant, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

OK, so what are you going to do? Are you going to pay the price? Negative people are contagious just like positive people are contagious.

Why are you going to get into a mastermind group, spend time, energy, and money surrounding yourself with positive people, getting great partners, eating the right foods, staying away from sugars, drinking a lot of water, doing the right things and reading a book each week and then all of a sudden you say, “Oh, Mr. John over here is contaminated, negativity, radioactive…but I’m going to keep him around me.” He literally puts out such a bad vibe you can feel him before he walks into a room.

That’s why you have to make some decisions. You need to reach up. Not sideways and not down and you need to NOT tolerate the negativity. It will kill you. It will kill your business. It will kill your dreams, but first, it’s going to kill your motivation.

One of the first things I’ll do when I am not feeling energized is I look for who is trying to rob my energy; stealing from me like a thief.


Act competent, exude success, and be positive and optimistic, regardless of what is happening around you. Potential customers will be much more attracted to—or at least intrigued by—positive people.

Once I was hosting Cardone Zone, my podcast, talking about the importance of being positive in getting a job when unemployment rates were soaring. A caller texted the show saying, “You’re obnoxious.” I responded by saying, “The guy who finds me obnoxious probably really admires and loves me, and that is his way of saying it.” I wasn’t being arrogant—I was looking for the positive.

I have endured several serious recessions as an active member of the business world, and sooner or later, they all end. None of them will last forever, and the way you handle yourself during that time has more to do with your current and future situation than the economy itself.

Your attitude affects everyone around you—those at home, at work, and everywhere in between. I want my wife, daughters, employees, colleagues, clients, and friends to see me as someone who instills hope and a positive attitude, especially when things are challenging.

All that said, being positive in life isn’t enough!

So to summarize, here’s what to do:

1) Counter negativity by putting up positive reminders (pictures, messages, notes) in places you can see.

2) Dedicate yourself to reading and listening to positive books and programs to shift your thinking and your actions.

3) Exercise 20 minutes every day. Keeping your body healthy is just as important as keeping your mind well-trained.

4) Write down your future goals and dreams daily in present tense as though the goal has been achieved.

5) Create and commit to a disciplined schedule and do not deviate from it. This will create a sense of control.

6) Get an agreement from friends, family, and coworkers to stop all negativity and even make a game of it.

7) Start eating and drinking foods that are healthy. Avoid sugars during the day, and heavy meats in the evenings in addition to increasing your water consumption.

8) Go to Sleep Early and Get up Early! If you don’t control when you go down, you won’t control when you get up. Early bird stills gets the worm, don’t kid yourself.

9) Fill Up Your Calendar with Activity. White space on a calendar creates uncertainty. The more you have to do the more you will and can do. Commit to more not less.

10) Avoid drugs and alcohol because of the negative influence they have on your mind.

Remember, staying positive is the one single trait you can have that will separate you from others and bring you not only more happiness in life, but more money.

Be great,


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