The Grinch Can’t Beat 10X

It’s that time of year again.

The Grinch Can’t Beat 10X. The holidays are rapidly approaching, which means the movie “The Grinch” will be played on laptops around the nation.

You can learn something from that movie, by the way.

To refresh your memory on this classic, there lived a green, revenge-seeking Grinch who wanted to ruin the Holiday plans for citizens of Whoville.

So he stole all their presents, took their Christmas lights, and tried to take all their holiday cheer.

But the Grinch couldn’t stop Christmas from coming, because for those in Whoville—it wasn’t about the presents and decorations…there was something there that couldn’t be STOPPED.

Recently, there was a day at my office when the phones and internet were down.

It was like the Grinch came and just took all our tools that we needed to make sales.

But like the citizens of Whoville, my staff at 10X Headquarters was resourceful and still had a massively successful day.

No internet, no phone? No problem.

Don’t let any “Grinch” ruin your day, week, or month when it comes to sales and business.

You will meet resistance—it may not be downed phone lines or internet outages…maybe it’s simply increased competition or rising costs.

Don’t let anything STOP you!

If things don’t go right, you need to push harder.

The 10X Rule allows you to overcome any obstacle in your path.


It changes your think and your actions!

Once you change your think, no Grinch can take your ambitions or goals away.

So think big today—don’t let any circumstance around you dictate how successful you are.

Think about it like this:

There are only a few reasons why you will STOP being successful with something:

  • Commitment Wanesyou find you just aren’t committed to something, so you will soon begin to fail. 
  • Failure to adapt to new conditionsoccasionally things will change in the world and you need to get new training or fresh ideas to start succeeding again…a “reboot” if you will.
  • Mindsetyour emotions change about something, which can indirectly change your commitment. 

There have been thousands of people who have succeeded big with the help of the 10X Growth Conference—the best annual business conference in the world.

I know from thousands of testimonials that those who come to this 3-day event with commitment and the right mindset, see results.

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Remember, no GRINCH can take your success away unless you allow it!


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