The Election Results Won’t Change Your Life, You Will

Yo! Grant here. Hope you’re doing well and I just wanted to remind you that the election results won’t change your life, you will!


We are 5 days away from an election and I’m wondering if you’re going to take the time to vote. I will. My wife will…and I encourage all of my employees, my friends, my family, everyone, to go out and vote. What I’d like to know is are you going to stand in line, are you going to mail it in or will you vote as an absentee? Let me know in the comments section below.  I’m not asking who you’re voting for. First, I’m asking you if you will vote and then second, what are you going to do when you’re disappointed with the outcome or what are you going to do if you’re elated with the outcome?

The Election Results Won’t Change Your Life You Will

See here’s the deal…50% of America will be disappointed with the outcome. I mean we are a divided country just straight down the middle. Half the people want to go one way. Half the people want to go another way. I’ve never seen this much division in my lifetime but that being said, we’ve never lived in a time where everyone could share their opinions with the entire world. We’ve never lived in a time where I can just pop up in a video talking about how I feel things could be or should be. We’ve never had so many ways to communicate so freely to so many people at once. We now have all these tools that enable us to go online and plant our flag where we stand as we say things about our president, our senators, our congressional representatives…about democrats, about republicans…good or bad. We have all these tools that we never had before.  


I’m writing about this today because I’m aware, with 18 days left, of the division and of the fact that 50% of the people in this country are going to be disappointed. I live in-between the cities of Miami to the south and Fort Lauderdale to the north. Typically Fort Lauderdale tends to vote Republican while Miami generally goes for the Democrats. I mention this because I’m in the middle or I should say outside of all that in more ways than just where I live. I’m telling you that whether it’s bad news, bad times, viruses, illnesses, or whatever…tough times always pass…unless you get stuck in the bad times. 


Now I have had the opportunity to grow professionally through the administrations of Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and now Donald Trump and I’m sure that whoever was president mattered for the big guys, the huge corporations. I don’t know it for a fact but I’m sure that these big corporations get benefits and access that us little guys don’t know about…but I gotta tell you that whether a Democrat or a Republican has been in the White House, I have always figured out how to prosper, how take care of my family, how to pay my bills, and the thing that’s always been in my way more than the politics, more than who won…was me.


I am the one constant which will determine how my life is gonna turn out and the same goes for you.  I know that these elections really matter to a lot of people but some of that I can’t control and neither can you. You can vote and I will and I encourage you to vote also. I think it’s important that we all go vote. That way you can be right or wrong but more importantly, what are you going to do after the election?  What is the plan for creating wealth? What is your plan for creating prosperity for yourself and your family?  What is your plan to make sure that they are better educated and more confident?  What is your plan to be able to travel around the world with your children so you can educate them about everything that’s out there and all the opportunities that exist? What are you going to do to be able to take advantage of the rainbows after every storm? I really want to know. Do you have a plan other than trying to make sense of all this noise? 

The Election Results Won’t Change Your Life You Will

The thing is that at no other time in history, have we been able to share our thoughts and opinions the way we do today, thanks to social media. It makes this world extremely noisy and extremely divided. Someone told me last week that they have never seen division like this before. I said, “Yeah, bro because there’s never been a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter before.”  I remember what it was like during the VietNam War. Talk about division. There were protests and rallies every day.  Look, I’m not diminishing the problems so many people face today but I do think that if everybody took care of their own problems there would be fewer problems. If everybody took responsibility for their actions, their finances, their education, their families and communities…I told a friend of mine who probably votes completely different than I do that you cannot close the social inequality gap until you close the gap on wealth inequality. 


You gotta get money. REPEAT: You gotta get money!  I’ve known this my whole life. I grew up without anything and I knew that the only way I could level the playing field for myself and my family is by getting my money right. I started with no money. I was in debt.  I had just come out of a treatment center in Minnesota to kick a drug addiction and I remember that line from the 12-step program “one day at a time”…and I used that to not only change my self-destructive behavior patterns but also to rebuild my financial life.  I started asking questions like “How do I start paying debt off?” or “Do I even want to pay off that debt right now?”  Maybe I should just think about adding income?  


I’ve been playing the money game for 37 years. I thought school and college were gonna give me the information I needed. They did not. I’m not saying education doesn’t work for everybody. Some people are very smart and they’ve got great jobs, substantial incomes, fantastic opportunities because they went to the right school at the right time and said and did the right things. That didn’t happen for me and so I’m not railing against formal education, I’m just saying for me it didn’t do the deal. The bottom line is that I needed to rebuild.


Regardless of how this election turns out…if Trump wins it’s going to be chaos. If Biden wins it, things will be uncertain.  What’s going to happen with taxes? What’s going to happen with jobs? What’s he gonna do different?  But half the people in this country are gonna be disappointed. If Trump wins there’s gonna be mass hysteria in the cities.  If Biden wins Republicans and conservatives are gonna think the world’s coming to an end. The side that doesn’t win is gonna be really upset but here’s the truth… 


If you get stuck in bad news then that bad news is gonna last a long time. If you get stuck in an outcome you don’t like, you get stuck in it. If you stay stuck in an outcome that you did not desire, it’s gonna be bad for you. Regardless of how this turns out November or who knows when, what are you gonna do? 


Take care of your family. Take care of your marriage. Take care of your business. Take care of your community…because what I can tell is this…whether it’s Biden or Trump or whoever is put in there to run our “stuff” most of these people have never actually run anything. It’s all politics. It’s all show business. That’s all it is, folks.  It’s all about controlling money and  funds and allocating budgets and thinking “how I can take care of my buddies?”. 


That’s what you should be doing and thinking about right now. How are you going to take care of yourself and the people you care about?  How are you going to generate enough prosperity and enough forgiveness…now what do I mean by forgiveness? It means I have a surplus so I can weather any storm and find the rainbow. No elected official or anyone else is gonna find it for you, not even me. I can show you how to look for it but only you can decide what to do once you find it.


Go vote then go be great!


Be great,



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