The 10X Rule, A Sales Game Changer

Hey, I don’t want your life to be filled with average people wishing for average things and taking average actions! You need a life filled with dominators, game changers, and people taking massive 10Xactions. You need to test your own limits and you will be amazed at your abilities and your true potential. Are YOU ready to live a 10X life and go on this 10X adventure? Look, we live in extreme times and you can no longer afford the ‘business as usual’ attitude. You aren’t going to dominate the current economic environment without a serious game changer. You, your business, your idea, your family and your dreams will not thrive if you hold onto old methods and tools for growing your business. You need The 10X Rule and you need to commit to taking 10X actions immediately. Your business is different today and different times call for different actions, different attitudes and a different set of tools. When it’s time to change your approach the popular saying is, “just get back to basics.” This kind of naïve thinking will prove deadly to your business and your success. Prospects are reluctant to make decisions, easy credit has disappeared, and the “middle class” is getting crunched harder than ever by unemployment, bad world news, and economic uncertainty. These market conditions require you and your people to think and act well beyond the norm and nowhere near the usual. The game has changed and you must now change the game you play in order to advance your position down the field. Don’t look for ‘best practices,’ look for ‘game changing practices’ that will separate you from the competition. 10X HUNTER - Grant Cardone If you do what you did last year, or anything even remotely similar, you will find yourself going backward and may even cease to exist! You need to be taking massive 10X action and making your business, idea, or product become so well known people will only think of you when they want what you offer. To do this, you must determine what your best competitors are unwilling to do and do it. This will not only make you survive it will make you seize market share and reach abundant 10X levels of success. We are talking about going way beyond basics and instilling new actions for sales and management. Again, this is not ‘business as usual,’ but business unusual. Sit down with your management and pick any action that can create results, for example ‘follow-up.’ Then determine what your best competition will not do in regards to follow-up. Let’s say the answers are: 1) will not call immediately, they wait a day, 2) will not make personal visits, and 3) management/execs do not make calls. These three answers show you exactly which actions you need to take right now. These three game-changing actions will make the difference. And you can’t just take the actions they will not take you must take them at 10X levels and explode in the market. A little tip: “The more unacceptable the answer, the more successful the results will be.” 10X EVERYONE - Grant Cardone Quit looking for average, quit looking for ‘best practices’, quit going back to basics. Start searching for ‘Game Changing Practices’ that will launch you and your business onto a completely different level from others—a 10X level. On July 29th I will be giving a 3-4 hour live event on how to 10X Everything; Your life, your business, your relationships, your goals, your health and more. Right now you only pay $49 and you will immediately get a 4-page exercise that is worth the entry alone, plus you get access to the LIVE event and can watch it over and over, forever, 24/7, anytime, anywhere with internet access. I want to show you exactly how to take massive action that will allow you to blast through business ‘best practices’ and risk-aversion to take concrete steps to reach your dreams. If you’re after big goals and don’t want to settle for ordinary, you need to take 10X actions. Go sign up for the 10X Everything live event. I’ll see you on July 29th. Be great, nothing else pays… much, GC

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