Take Control of ANY Situation

At one point or another, we are all placed in situations that we are not 100% comfortable in. Sometimes it’s just out of control, but the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful are that the successful take that situation and make it work to their advantage. They fully take control of that situation.
Control is never a bad thing unless you aren’t in control. Control comes from preparation and by taking responsibility over the outcome.Those who succeed were – at one point or another in their lives – were even willing to put themselves in situations that were uncomfortable, whereas the unsuccessful seek comfort from all their decisions.

The most important things I have done in my life were not the things I was comfortable doing; in fact, many of them made me very uneasy. Whether it was moving to a new city, cold calling a client, meeting new people, doing a new presentation or venturing into new sectors, most of it was uncomfortable for me until I got used to doing it.

Decide to take control of even the uncomfortable. Be willing to be uncomfortable, and do what makes other people uncomfortable knowing that most people won’t ever venture into the uncomfortable therefore will never control it. Know you can take control of ANY situation by accepting responsibility for it and committing fully to it. It’s a sure sign that you’re on your way to bona fide success.

Grant Cardone, International Sales Training Expert and NY Times Best-Selling Author

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