Grant Cardone Offers Support for Surfside Relief

We are heartbroken by the recent devastation to our community with the Surfside Champlain Tower collapse. Hundreds have been impacted by this tragedy and children and families dealing with a loss of life, personal effects, and even their home. The Grant Cardone Foundation wants to offer support for Surfside and provide immediate relief for those affected by this disaster.


With our mission to provide support for youth and young adults in vulnerable communities and in solidarity with our neighbors, The Grant Cardone Foundation is partnering with The Global Empowerment Mission (GEM) and BStrong to help provide emergency temporary housing for the families directly impacted by the South Tower Collapse and the displaced from the evacuated North and East Towers. 

Support for Surfside ReliefThe Grant Cardone Foundation has announced that they will be covering the costs for fully-furnished apartment rentals at the 10X Living Residences across South Florida for 6 months. This includes kitchens and 1 to 3 bedroom apartments, making it a much more comfortable environment for those families who have been displaced by the collapse.


We want to help the unfortunate families of Florida by offering them a temporary home while they heal and get back on their feet. These apartments will be fully furnished and include kitchens, which are perfect for starting off clean again after such devastation came their way,” said Grant Cardone.


If you know of a displaced person/s from the Towers in need of housing or emergency essentials they can reach out to apply for aid to our partners at Global Empowerment Mission and BStrong at


If you would like to contribute financially to our efforts you can donate directly at


Thank you for supporting our mission, vision, and values. We deeply appreciate and acknowledge you for your contribution.

Support for Surfside Relief

Thank you for your support,


Grant Cardone

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