SUPER FREAK Your Customer!

Too many businesses today lack the effort and energy to make even a good first impression, much less a lasting impression. Because people have become accustomed to poor or mediocre service—the expectations are very low.
Get a few notches above mediocre into Super Freak Land, really WOW them, and you are certain make a big difference.  Hit them with a Super Freak Experience and you will have them for life and price will NEVER be the issue.  Reducing price merely reduces the cost of the product and diminishes perceived value.

It’s very rare for people to deliver at levels that really create an exceptional experience and positive impression. So, go the extra mile, give additional service and differentiate yourself by super freaking; it can mean the difference between satisfying and dazzling the people you’re selling to.

A few ideas on how to deliver at a Super Freak level:

1) Explode into your presentation of your product.
2) Make monster claims – “I will prove to you in 5 minutes we have a superior product at the lowest cost.”
3) Hold a meeting and make contact by phone or, even better, in-person!

Go beyond satisfying people, SUPER FREAK – WOW them!

One more tip: People don’t want to pay less, they want to get more!

If they give you a dollar, ask yourself, “How can I deliver 10x that in terms of WOW?”

I once ate fire for an entire audience of people just to thank them for their business! “WOW, what a Super Freak”, I heard someone in the audience say.

Super Freak Grant

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